Highlights of the day 28-03-19

Highlights of the day 28-03-19

Day 1


Students revisited the checklist for narrative writing and self-checked their piece.


Students solved division word problems.


Solve the sums and check your answer.
783 ÷ 6

546 ÷ 3

688 ÷ 4

Solve the following word problems. Write statements as done in class.

a) Ninety-seven lunch trays were placed equally in 4 stacks. How many lunch trays were in each stack? How many lunch trays will be left over?

b) Divisha takes 57 stickers from her collection and divides them up equally between 4 of her friends. How many stickers will each friend receive? Divisha puts the remaining stickers back in her collection. How many stickers will Divisha return to her collection?

c) A carton of milk contains 128 ounces. Sara’s son drinks 4 ounces of milk at each meal. How many 4-ounce servings will one carton of milk provide?

d) Selena’s dog completed an obstacle course that was 932 meters long. There were 4 parts to the course, all equal in length. How long was 1 part of the course?

Note – Come prepared for book retell tomorrow.

Happy Reading 🙂


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