Highlights of the week !!

Highlights of the week !!


Multiplication facts of 7,8,9 and 10 were introduced.
The practice of multiplication word problems was done.
Formative Assessment was conducted for the concept of multiplication tables through dodging and Calendar.


Formative Assessment of the topic ‘Birthday Party’ was conducted by following the narrative writing process.
Chapter 2 of the reader ‘Stuart little’ was read with the help of a comprehension strategy and students also answered the questions in the notebook.

Central Idea: The earth’s natural cycles influences activities of living things.
Lines of inquiry:  Natural cycles of Earth (day, night, seasons, weather patterns) (Change)
Patterns of behaviour of living things related to Earth’s natural cycles. (Connection)
Conditions on Earth that Support life. (Causation)

Students watched videos and even did an experiment to gain a deeper understanding of the Earth’s natural cycles.
This unit is integrated with Hindi where they are learning about the influence of Earth’s natural cycles on human beings.
Formative assessment was conducted through illustrations, Venn-diagram, MCQs.


Students have to read Chapter 5 ‘ The Crows and the Snake’ from the Empowering English book.
1. Underline the adjectives while reading.
2. From page number 41 – Complete the 2nd activity (Fill in the blanks).
3. From page number 42 – Complete the 3rd Activity (Position words).


Grade 2 team 🙂


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