Homework for the day- 28th March 2019

Homework for the day- 28th March 2019

Dear students,

Kindly take a note of the following homework tasks for today:-

  1. Go through the blog post put up today related to invitation card for our exhibition. Submission day- Monday
  2. Submit the Maths homework tomorrow that was assigned yesterday.
  3. Research about the art form you selected to express your thoughts about the chosen topic. Start maintaining a document in your group folder so as to put down your ideas.
  4. Finish off all the other tasks assigned by your mentors and teacher-in-charge.

Important note:- Kindly get your survey forms checked by your teacher-in-charge before circulating it to the audience. Ensure that all of the resources used by you or pieces of evidence collected by you are being moved to your group folder as soon as possible.

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