Highlights of the week: 25th March to 29th March

Highlights of the week: 25th March to 29th March

Circle Time :

  • Revision of the rhymes done till now.

Read aloud of the following books:

  1. Friends at School by Rochelle Bunnett
  2. At the Market by Alison Hawes
  3. Please Stop, Sara! By Kathryn Harper


Central idea : Family and friends play an important role in our life.

  • Family Day Event.


Central idea : We play to explore and have fun.

  • Artwork : Painting with watercolor.
  • Handwork : Cutting paper
  • Cooking : Cucumber raita

Language :

  • Revision of Do and Understand stories.

Math :

  • Revision of all the Math concept with different manipulative.

Closing circle :

Story : The boy who cried wolf.

Important Points:

  • Kindly send the pink folder along with your child on Monday.
  • Keep an extra of clothes in your child’s bag as we have messy and water fun activities in the month of April.
  • We have “Splash pool” on Monday so please send swimming costume, towel and an extra pair of clothes in a polybag.


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