Highlights of the week: 25th to 29th March

Highlights of the week: 25th to 29th March

Circle Time:


  • Good morning dear Earth
  • Each like a petal, of one great flower
  • I love to sail in my big blue boat
  • One finger, one thumb …Keep moving


Introduction Of Rhyme:

   1) Swimming

  Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool

  When days are hot,when days are cold , in the swimming pool

  Breaststroke ,side stroke, fancy diving too!

  Now don’t you wish that you would have

  Nothing else to do, but… (repeat)



2)  Sunshine Fairies

We are the sunshine fairies

And with our sparks of light

We shimmer and glimmer in the air

Hugging flowers with colours so bright



Phonological Awareness :

  • Identifying initial/medial/final sound – game
  • Phonemes: manipulating final sound – game


Read aloud: Sr. KG monthly book list.

Closing circle story: The wedding of the mouse.

UOI : Celebrations

  • Transdisciplinary theme: How we express ourselves

Central idea: Celebrations and traditions are expressions of shared beliefs and values.  

  • Formative assessment : T chart



  • Revision of all the concepts done till now
  • Dodging of number names between 16-50
  • Summative assessment worksheet of all the taught concepts


Important note: Please go through your child’s Math notebook for the Summative Assessment of backward counting 99-51.



  • Dictation of sentences
  • Revision of Tricky words
  • Reading of Jolly Phonics Readers
  • Summative assessment



Math: Writing number names: 81-90 (once in the notebook)

Language: Worksheet

(‘Write the word’- Answer key : fuel, waiter, arm, star, finger, river, scarf, cartoon)


Have a fantastic weekend!!!


Sr KG Team


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