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Day: March 29, 2019



Learn Dictation words


Cycle 31
Sr. No. Words
1 remove
2 detach
3 unfasten
4 separate
5 withdraw
6 abolish
7 eliminate
8 cut
9 split
10 break
11 chop
12 lop
13 hew
14 divide
15 blend
16 mingle
17 combine
18 jumble
19 merge
20 stir


Niti Khemka

Highlights of the week: 25th to 29th March

Highlights of the week: 25th to 29th March

Circle Time:


  • Good morning dear Earth
  • Each like a petal, of one great flower
  • I love to sail in my big blue boat
  • One finger, one thumb …Keep moving


Introduction Of Rhyme:

   1) Swimming

  Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool

  When days are hot,when days are cold , in the swimming pool

  Breaststroke ,side stroke, fancy diving too!

  Now don’t you wish that you would have

  Nothing else to do, but… (repeat)



2)  Sunshine Fairies

We are the sunshine fairies

And with our sparks of light

We shimmer and glimmer in the air

Hugging flowers with colours so bright



Phonological Awareness :

  • Identifying initial/medial/final sound – game
  • Phonemes: manipulating final sound – game


Read aloud: Sr. KG monthly book list.

Closing circle story: The wedding of the mouse.

UOI : Celebrations

  • Transdisciplinary theme: How we express ourselves

Central idea: Celebrations and traditions are expressions of shared beliefs and values.  

  • Formative assessment : T chart



  • Revision of all the concepts done till now
  • Dodging of number names between 16-50
  • Summative assessment worksheet of all the taught concepts


Important note: Please go through your child’s Math notebook for the Summative Assessment of backward counting 99-51.



  • Dictation of sentences
  • Revision of Tricky words
  • Reading of Jolly Phonics Readers
  • Summative assessment



Math: Writing number names: 81-90 (once in the notebook)

Language: Worksheet

(‘Write the word’- Answer key : fuel, waiter, arm, star, finger, river, scarf, cartoon)


Have a fantastic weekend!!!


Sr KG Team




Circle Time:

Revision of the rhymes.

Phonological Awareness :

  • Activities related to Listening skills were conducted.

Closing circle:


Read aloud:

  • Read aloud from Class library.


  • Revision of concepts done so far.
  • Learning center


  • Revision of blending.
  • Revision of Tricky words
  • Picture composition

Unit of Inquiry

TDT: How we express ourselves

Central idea: Stories are told in a variety of ways for different purposes.

  • Revision of different mediums through which stories are told.
  • Illustration of favourite story

Handwork: Finger knitting

Artwork: Free Drawing

Cooking: Mayonnaise sandwich


Language : Worksheet  

Math : Booklet

Important points:-

  • Kindly send one extra pair of uniform daily with your child.
  • Kindly trim nails regularly.
  • Kindly give regular writing practice of all the letters and numbers done till date.

Happy Weekend !!


Jr. KG Team


Highlights & Homework of the day 29th Mar 2019

Highlights & Homework of the day 29th Mar 2019

Day 2 Friday


Students solved 3 by 2 digit division sums independently.


Learners watched a video & read books on Respiratory system. Later, they reflected their understanding during classroom discussion.


UOI: Work on your google slide on body systems keeping in mind all the 3 lines of inquiry as explained in the class.


  • Solve the following division sums
    a) 433 ÷ 19 b) 700 ÷ 5 c) 864 ÷ 42 d) 838 ÷ 12 e) 621 ÷ 3 f) 428 ÷ 14
  • Complete the given worksheet.

Language: Complete the given worksheet.

Have a great weekend!

Highlights of the week and Homework

Highlights of the week and Homework

Circle Time

  • Structured drill was conducted.
  • Recitation of poetry was done.   


  • Students enhanced their reading, writing and comprehension skills using Empowering English.
  • Concepts form Language With Ease book were revised.


  • Revision of  addition and subtraction word problems was done.
  • Unit end assessment for measurement strand was conducted.
  • Concepts of number strand were revised.

Unit of Inquiry            

  • Students gained more understanding about the production and distribution process of milk and milk items by visiting ‘Sumul dairy’.
  • Formative assessment was conducted.


  • Complete the given mixed bag  worksheet.
  • Complete the picture composition given on pg no. 39 from the reading booklet.


Grade 1 Team.

Highlights of the week: 25th March to 29th March

Highlights of the week: 25th March to 29th March

Circle Time :

  • Revision of the rhymes done till now.

Read aloud of the following books:

  1. Friends at School by Rochelle Bunnett
  2. At the Market by Alison Hawes
  3. Please Stop, Sara! By Kathryn Harper


Central idea : Family and friends play an important role in our life.

  • Family Day Event.


Central idea : We play to explore and have fun.

  • Artwork : Painting with watercolor.
  • Handwork : Cutting paper
  • Cooking : Cucumber raita

Language :

  • Revision of Do and Understand stories.

Math :

  • Revision of all the Math concept with different manipulative.

Closing circle :

Story : The boy who cried wolf.

Important Points:

  • Kindly send the pink folder along with your child on Monday.
  • Keep an extra of clothes in your child’s bag as we have messy and water fun activities in the month of April.
  • We have “Splash pool” on Monday so please send swimming costume, towel and an extra pair of clothes in a polybag.


Nursery team

Highlights of the day – 29/03/2019

Highlights of the day – 29/03/2019


Students were tuned into the circulatory system through PE activity and later the reflection was taken.


Teacher role modeled 3-digit by 2-digit division sums. Later, learners solved sums independently.


Complete the next step of narrative piece taking into consideration the feedback given by the teacher.

Complete the given mixed bag worksheet of Language and Math.

Happy weekend 🙂