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Day: April 2, 2019

Highlights of the day – 02/04/19

Highlights of the day – 02/04/19

Day 4,


Students started researching on their chosen topic.


Students solved 3-digit by 2-digit division sums.


Summative Assessment of narrative writing was conducted.


Solve the following sums.

a) 433 ÷ 19          b) 700 ÷ 53          c) 864 ÷ 42          d) 838 ÷ 12          e) 621 ÷ 36          f) 428 ÷ 14

Mosquito menace in school

Mosquito menace in school

Dear Parents,

March-April is the time when school experiences maximum mosquito infestation in the premises as it is surrounded by lush green farms filled with stagnated water on all sides and due to temperature increase. As a school, we take precautionary measures but we cannot eliminate the menace completely.

We request all parents to take precautionary steps given below to keep their child away from mosquitoes:

  • Apply mosquito repellent (Odomos) every morning.
  • Use other modes of repellents like patches and roll on

Precautionary measures taken by school:

  • Daily fogging in open areas in the morning
  • Spraying insecticides at regular intervals
  • No stagnant water in school premises

In spite of taking care of all the points mentioned above, there still can be cases of mosquito/ insect bite to children who have sensitive skin or due to allergic reaction.  

PYP Book Review- Parent Feedback

PYP Book Review- Parent Feedback

Dear Parent,

The school takes this opportunity to express gratitude towards all the parents who volunteered for the PYP Book Review sessions across the year. Our students really felt motivated and were elated to see their parents coming to class and giving an ear to their reading/learning.

Kindly squeeze out some time and fill the Book Review Parent Feedback form for us latest by 5th April 2019

Link: PYP Book Review – Parent Feedback


Fountainhead School

Highlights of the day 2-04-19

Highlights of the day 2-04-19

Day 4


Learners solved 3 digits by 2 digit word problems independently.


Summative assessment of Narrative writing was taken up.


Learners were introduced to the skeletal system.



Watch this video


Solve for the quotient.

Rewrite each in unit form. Don’t solve it by long division method.

Example :    a. 800 ÷ 4 = 200

ans.   8 hundreds ÷ 4 = 2 hundreds

b. 900 ÷ 3 = _________                       c. 400 ÷ 2 = ________

d. 300 ÷ 3 = ________                          e. 200 ÷ 4 = _________

f. 160 ÷ 2 = _________                          g. 400 ÷ 5 = ________

h. 300 ÷ 5 = ________                           i. 1,200 ÷ 3 =_________

j. 1,600 ÷ 4 = ________                         k. 2,400 ÷ 4 = _______

l. 3,000 ÷ 5

1. Jay drank 4 times as much juice as Riya. Jay drank 280 milliliters of juice. How much juice did Riya drink?

2. A diner sold $2,400 worth of French fries in June, which was 4 times as much as was sold in May. How many dollars’ worth of French fries were sold at the diner in May?

3. A fleet of 5 fire engines carries a total of 20,000 liters of water. If each truck holds the same amount of water, how many liters of water does each truck carry?


Highlights and Homework: 2nd April, 2019

Highlights and Homework: 2nd April, 2019


Language – Learners  completed drafting of their narrative  story following the writing process.

Math:  Strudents revised the concepts of geometry. Later, they were introduced to Angles.


Math : Revisit the concepts of geometry by practicing through this game:

Practice the word problems following all the steps:

  1. For the school’s sports day, a group of students prepared 12 1/2 litres of lemonade. At the end of the day 2 5/8. How many litres of lemonade was sold?
  2. Molly baked 14 cookies. Her mother ate 2 cookies and her father ate 4 cookies. What fraction of cookies are left? Answer in simplest form.
Highlights and homework – Day 3 and 4 – April 1st and 2nd

Highlights and homework – Day 3 and 4 – April 1st and 2nd

UOI – Learners researched the role of demand and supply through several books. They made connections to the demand and supply depending on the needs and wants. Further, they talk about the relationship between price based on demand and supply. They also discussed demand and supply being affected by the distribution of resources in the market.

Math – Learners confidently presented their understanding of the fractions in the SLC.

Language – Learners practised narrative writing step 1 – prewriting.

Homework –


  1. Read page 6, 7, 16 and 17 of the book ‘What is Trade?’ from (Details of the books and the class code is sent on the mail)
  2. Take notes in your book (You may use thinking routine as per your choice)

Math –

  1. Read the fraction story – Fraction_0204 (source)
  2. Answer the questions in the worksheet provided to you based on the fraction story.
Highlights and homework – 2nd April 2019

Highlights and homework – 2nd April 2019

Day 4 – Tuesday

Math: Learners practiced division word problems of 3 by 2 digits.

UOI: Learners were introduced to skeletal system. Formative system of respiratory and circulatory system was conducted through Kahoot.

Language: The 26th chapter was read from the Reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’.



Task 1:Watch this video

Task 2: Attempt the quiz and share the score through screenshot.

Math: Solve the following word problems.
a) 365 books were donated to an elementary school. If 15 classrooms shared the books equally, how many books did each class receive and how many books were left?

b) Manisha needs exactly 12 plates on each table for the banquet. If she has 312 plates, how many tables is she able to prepare?

c) 494 students have to be seated equally in 26 rows. How many students will be there in each row?

d) Vinit has 232 toffees. He wants to put them in packets containing 18 toffees each. How many packets will he need? How many toffees will be left?

e) 420 students went for a field trip. They were accommodated in 14 buses. How many students were there in each bus?

Recap of the day – 2nd April, 2019

Recap of the day – 2nd April, 2019

Day 4, Tuesday

UOI: Students were introduced to the terms ‘Demand’ and ‘Supply’. They also watched a video to understand the relationship between them.

Language: Students started writing narrative story following the writing steps (Brainstorming and Drafting).



Task 1: Visit the link and complete the worksheet:


Task 2: Create two simile sentences.

Highlight and Homework – 2nd April

Highlight and Homework – 2nd April


ICT : Students explored the digital library Getepic! And read books related to Economic Activities unit. 


Math : Revisit the concepts of geometry by practicing through this game:

Language : Answer in language writing book.

Find out a synonym of the given words and frame 1 sentence using the synonym.


  • brave – Eg. courageous. I was courageous enough to voice out my concerns.
  • fought
  • funny



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