Highlights & Homework of the day 2nd Apr 2019

Highlights & Homework of the day 2nd Apr 2019

Day 4 Tuesday


Learners solved 3 digit by 2 digit word problems independently.


Students were tuned into skeletal system and muscular system through a read aloud.


Summative assessment on Narrative writing was taken up.



1. The Hogwarts library has 952 reference books arranged in 6 racks equally. How many books does each rack hold?
2. A warehouse receives 380 wooden boxes for storage. If 95 slots are available to store the boxes, how many wooden boxes will be stacked in each slot?
3. A baker had eighteen boxes for donuts. He ended up making seven hundred sixty-three donuts and splitting them evenly between the boxes. How many extra donuts did he end up with?
4. A movie theater needed five hundred twenty-eight popcorn buckets. I each package has forty-six buckets in it, how many packages will they need to buy?

UOI: Watch the below video and takes notes in your UOI notebook. Also, research about the muscle allotted to you and come prepared for presenting it tomorrow.


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