Highlight and Homework – 4th April

Highlight and Homework – 4th April


Language : Students comprehended a story using the strategy ‘Retelling to Summarise’ through the story  “Anna’s coat”.

UOI : Students visited the Tupperware distribution store to understand the second line of inquiry “Distribution of goods and services” for their current unit “Economic Activities”.


Math : Solve the following in math homework notebook

  1. There are eight bottles of juice. Three bottles are apple juice and one bottle is orange juice and rest are grape juice. What fraction of bottles are grape juice ? Find two equivalent fractions that represent the grape juice.
  2. Molly baked 14 cookies. Her mother ate 2 cookies and her father ate 4 cookies. What fraction of cookies are left ? Answer in simplest form.
  3. For the school’s sports day, a group of students prepared 12 12 liters of lemonade. At the end of the day 2 58. How many liters of lemonade was sold ?

Challenge (optional): Create a mixed number/improper fraction multi step word problem on your own for your peer to solve.



Ekta Bathija


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