Highlights and Homewotrk of 4-4-2019 ( Day – 6 )

Highlights and Homewotrk of 4-4-2019 ( Day – 6 )

Stars of the day- Samyak Jain and Zaina Shah 🙂

[Highlight Of The Day]

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Students visited the Tupperware distribution store to understand the second line of inquiry ” Distribution of goods and services”  for their current unit ” Economic Activity”.



Visit the link and complete the worksheet in your notebook.

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[Unit Of Inquiry]

Reflect on your Fieldtrip and answer the following questions on the paper given to you

Q-1 How does a product reach us? Explain.

Q-2 Who all are involved in the distribution channel?

Q-3 What is the relation between demand and supply? Explain.

With Gratitude,

Dimple Deshpande,

Have A Great Day 🙂




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