Highlights of the Day – 04/04/19

Highlights of the Day – 04/04/19

Day 6,


Formative Assessment was conducted.

Unit of Inquiry:

Students worked on their presentation.


Solve the following word problems.
a) 365 books were donated to an elementary school. If 15 classrooms shared the books equally, how many books did each class receive and how many books were left?
b) Manisha needs exactly 12 plates on each table for the banquet. If she has 312 plates, how many tables is she able to prepare?
c) 494 students have to be seated equally in 26 rows. How many students will be there in each row?
d) Vinit has 232 toffees. He wants to put them in packets containing 18 toffees each. How many packets will he need? How many toffees will be left?

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