Highlights of the day 4-4-19

Highlights of the day 4-4-19

Cycle 31

Day 6


Learners continued with their Narrative writing Summative Assessment.


Learners continued with their research  and presentation on muscular system.



Solve the word problems:

1. The Hogwarts library has 952 reference books arranged in 6 racks equally. How many books does each rack hold?

2. A warehouse receives 380 wooden boxes for storage. If 95 slots are available to store the boxes, how many wooden boxes will be stacked in each slot?

3. A movie theater needed five hundred twenty-eight popcorn buckets. I each package has forty-six buckets in it, how many packages will they need to buy?

4. Some sand weighs 2,800 kilograms. It is divided equally among 4 trucks. How many kilograms of sand are in each truck?

5. An ice cream stand sold $1,600 worth of ice cream on Saturday, which was 4 times the amount sold on Friday. How much money did the ice cream stand collect on Friday?


Soon we will start with the End of the Term Assessment of Language and Math. Kindly ensure that the learners come to school regularly. Also make them practice Math and Language concepts back at home.

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