Homework of 4th April, 2019

Homework of 4th April, 2019


1.Find the perimeter of a rectangular plot of land whose length is 1 km and breadth is 300 m. (Hint: use conversion)





  1. Karan’s garden is shaped like a square whose side is 9 meters. What’s the length of the fence which surrounds the garden?




  1. A triangle-shaped wall clock has all three sides equal. If the length of each side is 20 cm. Find the perimeter of the clock.



  1. What is the area of a triangle with height 16 mm and base 13 mm?
  2. A carpet is 6 m long and 4.5 m wide. Find its area.
  3. An isosceles triangular photo frame has a perimetеr of 75 centimetres and its base has a length of 35 centimetres. Each of the other two sides has a length of ____  cm.



  1. A rectangular geometry box has a breadth of 7 cm and a length three times greater than its breadth. Its perimeter is ____ cm.



  1. The pyramid hotel just installed a triangular pool .One side of the pool is 24 feet and other 2 sides of the pool are equal (26 feet). The hotel manager needs to order a cover the boundary of the pool , and the cost of the cover is Rs 250 per foot. How much will he have to spend for the cover of the pool ?


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