Grade 5 Alliance

Grade 5 Alliance

Solve the following in your Math Notebook to revise the concepts:

  1. Add 0.4 and 0.005
  2. Subtract 2.2 from 5.40
  3. Multiply 35.47 and 2.01
  4. Divide 21.344 by 3
  5. Bonny weighs 7.6 kg. His older brother is 3 times as heavy. How much does his older brother weigh?
  6. Tinu buys 3 liters of yellow paint and 2 liters of blue paint. If the yellow paint costs $12..95 a liter and the blue paint costs $14.95 a liter. How much does Tinu spend on paint?
  7. Katy needs to buy 6 pens and some colored pencils for school. He has $25.00 to spend. If the pens cost $3.57 each, how much does he have left to spend on colored pencils?

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