Highlight for Cycle No.31

Highlight for Cycle No.31

Highlights :

The countdown begins ..11 days to go.

Soaring excitement and enthusiasm amongst reflective learners are making noise at FS. The cycle started with students being curious to inquire further about their research work by exploring places, taking interviews and surveys to get an in-depth understanding of their topic. Students looked at the pressing issues from different lenses.

They got an opportunity to select their final medium of expression to influence people and meet their art mentors. Many learners have even stepped out of their comfort zone and have taken an action to spread awareness across the school, locality and the city.

Now they are exhilarated to showcase their performance and geared up for the same.

Cycle 32 is going to be a busy one for these young minds. They will be working for their synthesis in terms of visual aids – displays, charts, models, graphic organizers.

They would also be brushing up their chosen medium of expression to influence and work towards the culmination.


Grade 6 Team


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