Math : Weekend Homework : Revision questions

Math : Weekend Homework : Revision questions

Grade8 – All
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Mon Apr 08 2019 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: Kindly note the below mentioned homework:

1) You are required to solve questions from Q.36 to Q.42 from the Revision doc file of Criterion A (which is updated on Google Classroom of Grade- 8).

Also, the answers of the same have been updated in the answer file of Criterion A which you are required to cross check from.

2) You are also required to do one question already assigned on Goformative and its title is C_&_D_Math_Revision_Q.8.
(It contains Criterion D question no. 6)

Grade- 8 Math Teachers.
Central Presentation Link: Click here to view
Expected Time: 90 minutes

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