FSMUN 2019

FSMUN 2019

Dear Students,

We invite applications for the selection of the Secretariat for Fountainhead School Model United Nations 2019-20. We are looking for students who are willing to grab this opportunity and become part of the Secretariat of the 6th Edition of this Event.

The following are the positions and responsibilities.

1. Secretary General:

Acts as the head of the conference, this person has the responsibility to find the correct Executive Board members for this event, as well as keep a tab on the study guide and the overall academics of the conference.

  1. Under Secretary General for Conference Management:

This position is critical to the success of the conference because s/he oversees every logistical aspect of the conference that includes setup of rooms, signage for delegates, registration, making sure that copies of draft resolutions are disseminated to delegates during Committee proceedings. Another area of focus is the Management of the Organizing Committee during the conference.

  1. Under Secretary General for Communications & Public Relations:

Responsibility to raise the visibility of the conference by managing all delegate affairs and being in charge of social media. Also has to focus on promoting the conference and searching for delegates across the city and state and handling all delegate registrations and queries before the conference.

  1. Under Secretary General for Economic & Social Affairs:

Creating Study guides alongside the chairperson/s and engaging in content management for the conference. Will be responsible for the thorough implementation of the Rules of Procedure and is responsible for aiding in topic selection.

Final date to fill the form is 10th April 2019.

An interview will be conducted on soon after forms are filled.

In case of any concern/query, kindly feel free to reach us at fsmun@fountainheadschools.org or events@fountainheadschools.org.


Events Team

Fountainhead School


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