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Day: April 9, 2019

Highlights of the day 9-04-19

Highlights of the day 9-04-19

Day 3


Learners reflected on their understanding of all the systems by making a connection between them. They understood the concept of how systems are interconnected to each other.

Learners understood the need for organ donation and also learned that organs can be transplanted from one body to another.


Students edited and published their pieces of Summative Assessment.



Refer the below link to play the game on Point, Line, Ray, and Line Segment.

Solve the following word problems.

a) 365 books were donated to an elementary school. If 15 classrooms shared the books equally, how many books did each class receive and how many books were left?

b) Manisha needs exactly 12 plates on each table for the banquet. If she has 312 plates, how many tables is she able to prepare?

c) 494students have to be seated equally in 26 rows. How many students will be there in each row?

d) Vinit has 232 toffees. He wants to put them in packets containing 18 toffees each. How many packets will he need? How many toffees will be left?


Soon we will start with the End of the Term Assessment of Language and Math. Kindly ensure that the learners come to school regularly. Also, make them practice Math and Language concepts back at home.

Homework – 9/4/2019

Homework – 9/4/2019


Do the following tasks in your Math notebook:

Task 1:  Write the expanded form for the following numbers. One is done for you:

Example: 807

800 + 00 + 7

8 hundreds + 0 tens + 7 ones

a) 999

b) 871

c) 605

Task 2: Extend the pattern:

a) 789, 792, ________, ________, _________.

b) 442, 452, ________, ________, _________.

c) 893, 898, ________, ________, _________.

Task 3: Solve:

 Hari went to the toy shop. He had Rs. 778 with him. He bought a toy car worth Rs. 435. How much amount is left with him?


Grade 1 Team

Highlight and Homewprk of 9-4-2019 ( Day -3 )

Highlight and Homewprk of 9-4-2019 ( Day -3 )

Stars of the day – Agastya Chaudhri and Hriya Chahwala 🙂

Pairs of the day – Aanya Ruwala and Tushya Patel 🙂

[Highlight Of The Day]


Students learned to construct angles.

[Date of the unit test]

Using the comprehension strategy ” Retelling to summarise” students wrote a summary of a short text.



Complete the worksheets given to you.

With Gratitude,

Dimple Deshpande,

Have A Great Day 🙂

Voice 2019-Essay writing competition by PRL,Ahmedabad.

Voice 2019-Essay writing competition by PRL,Ahmedabad.

Dear Students,

Voice-2019 is Essay writing competition on Scientific topic organised by PRL,Ahmedabad.

Details about same is as mentioned below:

VOICE – 2019

Objective: The year 2019-2020 marks the birth centenary of Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai, the father of the Indian Space Programme. On account of this, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad plans to conduct a Pan India level Essay Writing Competition.


Students from grades 8 to 12 can participate in this competition. The essay may contain motivation, goals, and uniqueness of the concept among other relevant things. 30 shortlisted students from each age group will be invited for presentation and visit to Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad. Shortlisted candidates will be provided with a 3 tier fare by railways on the shortest possible route to Ahmedabad. Boarding and lodging will be arranged by PRL during the authorised period of stay.


Categories: Gr 8 – 10 (Category I)

                    Gr 11 – 12 (Category II)


Category I:


Topic: Home at a distant planet

Description: Say one day you have to move out of our planet Earth and settle on a different planet. Which planet you would choose? Then based on the planet specific parameters (e.g. atmospheric conditions, solar Insolation, crustal properties etc.), how will you design your home? Design should be sustainable, i.e., no external entity will provide any assistance to maintain your home. You must also provide the address of your home.

*Note: Sustainability of the home in the new planet will be the primary criteria for the evaluation.


Category II:


Topic: Design innovative experiments for space station

Description: Imagine one day you are given an opportunity to design innovative experiments for the Indian Space Station. Design a suit of experiments (maximum two) to address a particular theme. Mention why you chose the theme and how your experiments can provide a better understanding.


Success Criteria: (without which the essay will be disqualified)

  • Word limit: 3000 words
  • Summary – 300 words
  • Major concepts – 3 bullets not exceeding 75 words
  • Conclusion – Not more than 200 words



  • Essay should be written in English
  • Should be written by a single person
  • Submission should be emailed to
  • Essay should be typed and provided in a Portable Document Format (PDF)

         *Note: Scanned/ Handwritten essays will not be considered

  • Submission (in the predefined format available from website) should be on a scanned sheet stating the participant’s name, school name, class, residential address with phone number along with the essay. This sheet should be attested by the head of the institution/school with official seal.


Format of the Essay

  • Typed on A4 size electronic page
  • Font size- 12 points in Times Roman
  • 1.5 interlinear space
  • Margin of 1.5 cm on all the four sides



  • Last date of submission:15th May 2019
  • Date of notification: 15th July 2019
  • Presentation: 10th August 2019
  • Prize distribution: 12th August 2019


Evaluation process:

  • First phase: Essays will be shortlisted
  • Second phase: Shortlisted candidates will be invited to PRL,Ahmedabad 



Prize Category I Category Il
1st 20,000 25,000
2nd 15,000 20,000
3rd 10,000 15,000
Additional(5 prizes in each category) 2,000 2,500



Manish Tiwari

Recap of the day – 9/4/19

Recap of the day – 9/4/19

Day 3, Tuesday.

Language: Students appeared for the Term End assessment.

Learners shared  the summarizing and retelling of the story “Make money, wash cars .” with their peers and worked on the feedback given to them.

Math: Students practiced measuring different angles by exploring centers.


Math: Solve the worksheet as explained.

Language: Complete the task on the plain side of the math worksheet given to you.

Watch any one of the advertisements and write their conversation in the form of a dialogue.


Rahul exclaimed, “Hey friends! Mumma won’t say anything. Let’s have fun.”

Mumma whispered, “Enjoy yourself, but see that you are fit and fine. Have a bath with Dettol after playing!”

U O I – Discuss with your parents about the distribution of goods and services as per their working area or business you can make a flowchart too on any A4 paper.