Highlights of the day 9-4-19

Highlights of the day 9-4-19

Cycle 32

Day 3


Students worked on their publishing piece.

The 26th chapter “The Land of Presents” was read from the Reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’.


Practice session of Measurement, Time & Number strand was taken.



Task 1: 

Solve the following word problems:

1.Ted has 15 candy bars. He wants to put them into 5 bags, and tries to put the same number of candy bars in each bag. How many candy bars go in each bag? Are there any candy bars leftover?

2. A candy store has 6 boxes of chocolates. Each box has 500 pieces. How many pieces are there altogether in the 6 boxes?

a) 256 x 45          b) 542 x 85        c) 658 x 96           d) 808 x 78

e) 854 ÷ 18         f) 764 ÷ 19        g) 926 ÷ 34           h) 549 ÷ 23

Task 2:

Follow the link and play the game related to line,line segment,ray and point.



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