Highlights of the day: 9th Apr

Highlights of the day: 9th Apr


Students read few story’s and poems related to body systems. Later, they presented their understanding using visuals.


Students solved a worksheet based on line,line segment,ray and point.


Students worked on their publishing piece.



1)Follow the links and play the games related to line,line segment,ray and point.


2)Solve the following word problems:
1.Ted has 15 candy bars. He wants to put them into 5 bags, and tries to put the same number of candy bars in each bag. How many candy bars go in each bag? Are there any candy bars leftover?

2. A candy store has 6 boxes of chocolates. Each box has 500 pieces. How many
pieces are there altogether in the 6 boxes?

3. A T-shirt Shop ordered 12 cases of t-shirts. If each case contains
24 t-shirts, how many t-shirts did they order?

4. Vineet has 248 guests coming to his party. Each table will hold 4 guests. How
many tables will he need? If each table has 2 candles, how many candles will
he need?


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