Recap of the day – 9/4/19

Recap of the day – 9/4/19

Day 3, Tuesday.

Language: Students appeared for the Term End assessment.

Learners shared  the summarizing and retelling of the story “Make money, wash cars .” with their peers and worked on the feedback given to them.

Math: Students practiced measuring different angles by exploring centers.


Math: Solve the worksheet as explained.

Language: Complete the task on the plain side of the math worksheet given to you.

Watch any one of the advertisements and write their conversation in the form of a dialogue.


Rahul exclaimed, “Hey friends! Mumma won’t say anything. Let’s have fun.”

Mumma whispered, “Enjoy yourself, but see that you are fit and fine. Have a bath with Dettol after playing!”

U O I – Discuss with your parents about the distribution of goods and services as per their working area or business you can make a flowchart too on any A4 paper.


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