Highlights of the day – 11/04/19

Highlights of the day – 11/04/19

Day 5,

Unit of Inquiry:

Students watched a video related to the body systems. Later, they presented their understanding using visuals.


Chapter 26 ‘The Land of Presents’ from the reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ was read and discussed.


Follow the links to play online games related to prime and composite numbers:



Solve the following word problems:
1. A total of 108 students participated in the Spring ballet recital at Dawn High. If 12 students were part of each ballet performance, how many ballet recitals took place in all?

2. Mahek baked 264 swiss rolls which were to be delivered for a party. If she plans to pack 24 in a box, how many boxes in all will she require to pack all the swiss rolls?

3. Riva has 432 coins in her collection. If she gives 15 coins to each of her friends, how many friends will get the coins and how many coins will be left with Riva?

4. A machine in a candy company creates seven hundred eighty-three pieces of candy a minute. If a small box of candy has thirteen pieces in it how many full boxes does the machine make in a minute?

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