Recap of the day – 11th April, 2019

Recap of the day – 11th April, 2019

Day 5, Thursday

UOI: Students discussed types of the distribution channel. Further, they understood about the traditional method of distribution through a primary, secondary and tertiary level. They also made a connection to how the price is affected using different distribution channels. During the readaloud session, they also discussed economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment.

Math: Formative assessment was conducted.

Language: Students appeared for the Term End assessment.



Watch the advertisement and write their conversation in the form of a dialogue.


Rahul exclaimed, “Hey friends! Mumma won’t say anything. Let’s have fun.”

Mumma whispered, “Enjoy yourself, but see that you are fit and fine. Have a bath with Dettol after playing!”

Math: Complete the worksheet given.


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