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Day: April 12, 2019

Grade 9 – Personal Project Summer Homework

Grade 9 – Personal Project Summer Homework

Dear Students & Parents,

As per the Personal Project timeline, the students should have completed with their majority of the tasks like investigating, planning and taking action by the end of this academic year so that in the next academic year they can focus on the Reflection of their project.

Summer is a great time to complete the pending tasks and document the entire Personal Project process from brainstorming the topic to taking action on Student compendium.

All the students have to complete the following common tasks during the Summer holidays.

Personal Project Common Summer Assignment for uploading on Student Compendium:

1. Details about your Personal Project

  • Topic
  • Why does this topic interests you
  • What will be the final product

2. Global Context you have chosen and list the reasons why it is appropriate. (Concept map image from student handbook Page 20)

3.Mention the research work you have carried on till date/ you need to carry on (with citation)

4. Visible Thinking Routine template used for each objective

5. The progress of project till date with pieces of evidence

  • Videos of interviews taken
  • Videos/images of tasks carried out (For eg., Video of recipes cooked and its documentation – Preparation time, cooking time, ingredients required, cooking method, etc)
  • Before and After video (if the project is of acquiring/enhancing some skills)

Apart from the above common tasks, students are required to complete the Personal Project Summer Assignment tasks assigned by their respective supervisors.

This summer vacation homework needs to be submitted on the first day of school itself. Students who come without completing their homework will have to face consequences.  

You may refer to the links given in the table below for uploading the process on Student Compendium.

Project Title Reference Link
Architectural Design
Toscana Travel guide book through sketches and photographs
An informational website which will inform the visitors about the Economical and Social Aspect of weaponry in China, USA, Russia

We expect the parents to support the child by providing him/her with the time, space and reminders to complete the summer vacation homework.


Fountainhead School.

Student-led conference

Student-led conference

Dear parents,

Our learners have worked really hard and gained an in-depth understanding of the Central Idea: The Earth’s natural cycles influence the activity of living thingsUnder the Transdisciplinary theme: How The World Works. Grade 2 team invites you for a Student-Led Conference (SLC) on 17th, 18th, and 19th, April 2019. Be a part of this event and witness the zest of the fest. We would like you to be an active participant in your child’s learning.

We have scheduled the SLC for three days:

Section Date Day Time
Create 17 April 2019 Wednesday 8:45 am to 10:00
Think & Dream 18 April 2019 Thursday 8:15 am to 9:30 am
Invent & Discover 18 April  2019 Thursday 9:45 am to 11:00 am
Wonder, Ponder & Explore 19 April 2019 Friday 8:15 am to 9:30 am

Note that attendance is compulsory as you would be assessing your child’s understanding of the unit and presentation skills.

Parent orientation:

Parents need to assemble in Grade 2 wing for a brief orientation about the SLC. After the orientation, the respective HRTs will escort parents to class for the presentation.

Kindly adhere to the timings mentioned. Your presence will be a great boost for your child.

Note: SLC time slots will be communicated by respective HRTs through email.


Grade 2 team 🙂

Homework of 12th April, 2019

Homework of 12th April, 2019

Solve the following to practise in the book (any book):

  • The information in the table shows sales of ice cream from an ice cream van one Saturday Afternoon in the Summer. Display the information in the pie chart and write an appropriate conclusion.
Ice Cream Sales
Vanilla 13
Banana 22
Chocolate 28
Strawberry 57
  • In a Grade 6 classroom of 45 students, 40% are girls. How many boys are there in the classroom?
  • In a science test, Jamie solved 42 correct and 18 incorrect answers. What is the percentage of correct questions?
  • Which is the greatest?
    • 90% of 10
    • 6% of 1000
    • 5% of 1400
  • The price of a T-shirt was $20. It was first increased by 20%. They did not sell well the shop owner decreased the price by 20%. What is the new price of the T-shirt?
    • $20
    • $22
    • $21
    • $ 19.20
  • Rakesh bought a new bike.  He went on a road trip of 165.9 km on the bike. After a week he went for another trip of 102.04 km. What will be the reading on meter reader of the bike?
  • At Chucky Bee restaurant, the meal cost $55.25 and desserts cost $15.75 for 5 people. How much money each person pays?


Happy Weekend 🙂