Grade 5

Grade 5


Solve the following in your Math Notebook:

  • The information in the table shows sales of ice cream from an ice cream van one Saturday Afternoon in the Summer. Display the information in the pie chart and write an appropriate conclusion.
Ice Cream Sales
Vanilla 13
Banana 22
Chocolate 28
Strawberry 57
  • In a Grade 6 classroom of 45 students, 40% are girls. How many boys are there in the classroom?
  • In a science test, Jamie solved 42 correct and 18 incorrect answers. What is the percentage of correct questions?
  • Which is the greatest?
    • 90% of 10
    • 6% of 1000
    • 5% of 1400
  • The price of a T-shirt was $20. It was first increased by 20%. They did not sell well the shop owner decreased the price by 20%. What is the new price of the T-shirt?
    • $20
    • $22
    • $21
    • $ 19.20
  • Rakesh bought a new bike. ┬áHe went on a road trip of 165.9 km on the bike. After a week he went for another trip of 102.04 km. What will be the reading on meter reader of the bike?
  • At Chucky Bee restaurant, the meal cost $55.25 and desserts cost $15.75 for 5 people. How much money each person pays?


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