Highlights of the week !!

Highlights of the week !!


Revision of different concepts was done.


Summative Assessment of Narrative writing was conducted.

Stuart Little reader chapter 4 and 5 were read and explained in the class.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Central Idea: The earth’s natural cycles influence the activities of living things.
Lines of inquiry:  Natural cycles of Earth (day, night, seasons, weather patterns) (Change)
Patterns of behavior of living things related to Earth’s natural cycles. (Connection)
Conditions on Earth that Support life. (Causation)

Students are preparing for Student Led Conference.


Language homework to be done in the reader.

Task 1

Read chapter 5 of Stuart Little story.

Task 2

Underline the adjectives in chapter 5.


Complete the given worksheet



Grade 2 team 🙂

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