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Day: April 12, 2019

Highlights and Homework: 12th April, 2019

Highlights and Homework: 12th April, 2019


Math: Students appeared for formative assessments of Geometry, followed by Fraction term end assessment.

UOI: Discussion of the business fair was taken up and students formed the group for the upcoming event.


Math: Revisit the concepts by practicing through this game:

Language: Click the link and read the story using class code.


Priti Patel


Highlight and Homework of 12-4-2019 ( Day -6 )

Highlight and Homework of 12-4-2019 ( Day -6 )

Star of the day – Aanya Ruwala and Sarthak Sharma 🙂

[Highlight Of The Day] [Unit Of Inquiry]

Students were introduced to the ” Business Fair ” task of their ongoing unit ” Economic Activity”.


Students appeared for their Term End Assessment.



Mixed Bag cycle 33


Mixed bag cycle 32(day 6)

With Gratitude,

Dimple Deshpande,

Happy Weekend! 🙂

Recap of the day – 12/4/19

Recap of the day – 12/4/19

Language – Learners continued their “Term end assessment”.

Math – Students practiced Constructing Angles.

Students appeared for Formative Assessment on Angles.

U O I – Discussion of Business fair budget, grouping, and the initial plan were done.


U O I – Click on the link and read the book assigned to you and write the reflection using the thinking routine 321. (3 facts I learned, 2 connections I made, 1 question I still have. name of the books (From Milk to Ice cream and From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate.)  

Math – Visit the link and play the game. Don’t forget to use protractor

Language – Click on the link and do the worksheet in E.E notebook.

Complete the story using the prompts mentioned in the worksheet. Make it interesting by using strong verbs.




Grade 5

Grade 5


Solve the following in your Math Notebook:

  • The information in the table shows sales of ice cream from an ice cream van one Saturday Afternoon in the Summer. Display the information in the pie chart and write an appropriate conclusion.
Ice Cream Sales
Vanilla 13
Banana 22
Chocolate 28
Strawberry 57
  • In a Grade 6 classroom of 45 students, 40% are girls. How many boys are there in the classroom?
  • In a science test, Jamie solved 42 correct and 18 incorrect answers. What is the percentage of correct questions?
  • Which is the greatest?
    • 90% of 10
    • 6% of 1000
    • 5% of 1400
  • The price of a T-shirt was $20. It was first increased by 20%. They did not sell well the shop owner decreased the price by 20%. What is the new price of the T-shirt?
    • $20
    • $22
    • $21
    • $ 19.20
  • Rakesh bought a new bike.  He went on a road trip of 165.9 km on the bike. After a week he went for another trip of 102.04 km. What will be the reading on meter reader of the bike?
  • At Chucky Bee restaurant, the meal cost $55.25 and desserts cost $15.75 for 5 people. How much money each person pays?


Fun time !!!

Fun time !!!

Dear parents

“Just education is not enough, children must have sunshine, freedom and playtime.”

Our students get a good amount of time for free play at school. But just to let our little tots rejoice more play time with their peers and to celebrate the year end together, we have decided to take them to Bouncy Bunnies, ISCON Mall.

Kindly send your child in complete uniform (SOCKS AND ID CARD – MANDATORY) and ensure that he/she has a filling meal from home as we will leave for the venue as soon as students arrive.




Iscon Mall, Opp. Rajhans Theater,

Piplod Road, Surat

Dates and Classes

16th April: Ignite, Dazzle, Shine, Glimmer

18th  April: Glitter, Blaze, Kindle, Sparkle


315/- per child (includes play time & snacks)

The amount will be deducted from the student imprest deposit

Time The children will be going in school hours and will come back to school only.




Sr KG Team

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK – 6th to 12th April

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK – 6th to 12th April

Circle Time:

Revision of all the rhymes.

Phonological Awareness :

  • Activities related to Listening skills were conducted.

Closing circle:

Story: Story: The fox and the drum.

Read aloud:

  • Read aloud from Class library.


  • Revision of concepts done so far.
  • Learning centers.


  • Revision of blending.
  • Revision of Tricky words.


Unit of Inquiry

TDT: How we express ourselves

Central idea: Stories are told in a variety of ways for different purposes.

  • Revision of different mediums used to narrate the story.
  • Formative assessment was conducted.


Language : Worksheet

Math : Math Booklet page no 44 and 45

Important points:-

  • Kindly give regular writing practice of all the letters and numbers done till date.

Happy Weekend !!


Jr. KG Team


Highlights of the week !!

Highlights of the week !!


Revision of different concepts was done.


Summative Assessment of Narrative writing was conducted.

Stuart Little reader chapter 4 and 5 were read and explained in the class.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Central Idea: The earth’s natural cycles influence the activities of living things.
Lines of inquiry:  Natural cycles of Earth (day, night, seasons, weather patterns) (Change)
Patterns of behavior of living things related to Earth’s natural cycles. (Connection)
Conditions on Earth that Support life. (Causation)

Students are preparing for Student Led Conference.


Language homework to be done in the reader.

Task 1

Read chapter 5 of Stuart Little story.

Task 2

Underline the adjectives in chapter 5.


Complete the given worksheet



Grade 2 team 🙂