Recap of the day – 12/4/19

Recap of the day – 12/4/19

Language – Learners continued their “Term end assessment”.

Math – Students practiced Constructing Angles.

Students appeared for Formative Assessment on Angles.

U O I – Discussion of Business fair budget, grouping, and the initial plan were done.


U O I – Click on the link and read the book assigned to you and write the reflection using the thinking routine 321. (3 facts I learned, 2 connections I made, 1 question I still have. name of the books (From Milk to Ice cream and From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate.)  

Math – Visit the link and play the game. Don’t forget to use protractor

Language – Click on the link and do the worksheet in E.E notebook.

Complete the story using the prompts mentioned in the worksheet. Make it interesting by using strong verbs.




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