IBDP Final Exam Seating Plan 2019

IBDP Final Exam Seating Plan 2019

Dear Parent and Students,

As you are aware that IBDP Final Exam is starting from 3rd May 2019. You are required to refer to the given sheet for the exam venue details. Please also check the “Notice to the candidate” and “Items not permitted” posters attached to this email.  

Important Instructions:.

Please take a note of the following important points for the upcoming IBDP examinations.

  1. No transport will be provided for the final IBDP exams starting from 3rd May. The students should come by their own conveyance. It is mandatory to carry Parent Pass.
  1. It is compulsory to carry ID- cards for all examinations and the students should be dressed in the complete uniform, failing to do so will result in a consequence.
  1. Students can bring a bottle of water (transparent only), which they can carry in the examination room. Stationary to be carried without any pouch.
  1. Pantry will be closed on all days. Students can carry a snack to eat before or after the examination.
  1. All students should reach school at least 30 minutes before the time of the examination.
  2. The students are expected to sit in the order of candidate number, as placed on the desks.
  3. In between the two exams, students are required to sit in Senior Library and study for the other exam.
  4. Students can use their Chromebook during the study in the Senior Library. Students are not allowed to use any printed material or Chromebook outside the examination hall. Students have to keep their bag in a designated place only.

For more details please refer to the given PPT.



Fountainhead School.

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