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Highlights of the week!!!

Highlights of the week!!!

Unit of inquiry: 
The students were acquainted with the first line of inquiry via different videos, read alouds, National Geographic Magazines, and gallery walk. Oral and written reflections were also taken. Queries were also catered which guided the inquiry in the right direction.
1) From Empowering English Reference book, “World of animals” chapter was taken up and also few questions of the same were discussed in the class.
2) New reader “The Magic finger” was introduced with great ardour.
3) For enhancing their comprehension skills and expanding their horizon of knowledge, “Blue whales” worksheet were completed by the students independently.
Language Development: Week 12 of Language with Ease reference book was completed.


1) Bar graph was introduced via google slides and the nitty gritties of the same was also taught. The steps of the graph were made crystal clear through “I do” model by the teachers.
2) In measurement strand, non-standard units were introduced.

3) Formative assessment was conducted.
4) Mixed word problems of addition and subtraction were also practiced in the class.
Weekend Homework:
Math: Solve the given mixed bag worksheet.
Empowering English Reference book  pg 108 Q-2, 3 & 4. Q3 to be done in Language homework notebook and Punctuate the sentences which are there on pg 111.  
Dictation words for the next cycle:
1 different
2 mountains
3 leave
4 Indian
5 enough
6 because
7 example
8 important
9 don’t
10 sentence
11 follow
12 sometimes
13 through
14 might
15 across
Warm regards,
Grade 2 team 🙂
Day-3-Homework for the day!!!

Day-3-Homework for the day!!!

Math homework:

1. I carried 6,000 rupees with me to the market. I spent 2,000 rupees on a dress and had lunch for rupees 600. What is the total amount of money that I spent? How much money is still left with me?

2. A shopkeeper had 4,500 sarees in stock. He sold 1,298 on day 1 and 2,222 on day 2. How many sarees did he sell in total? How many sarees were left with him?

3. A school library has 6,876 books. The librarian bought 1,875 more books for the library. 3,875 books were issued by children for their Diwali vacation. Solve the following questions:

a) How many books are there in the library altogether?

b) How many books are still left in the library?

The word problems need to be solved in their Math homework notebooks.
Warm regards,
Grade 2 team 🙂
Homework for the day

Homework for the day

Dear parents,
Language Homework has been discussed in the class.Homework to be done in language homework notebooks.Following are the details for the same:
Empowering English page 52,53. 
Q1 (a) Add adjectives to the given common nouns
     (b) Choose any 5 action words and frame sentences for the same.
      (c) To be done in Empowering English Reference book.
Warm regards,
Grade 2 Dream
Highlights of the week (22nd November to 29th November)

Highlights of the week (22nd November to 29th November)

Highlights of the week

The journey of Term 2 was embarked with gusto and the learners were welcomed with great zest via Grade level assembly. Below is the brief outline of the learning engagements done throughout the week:
Unit of Inquiry:
Tuning in and checking of the prior knowledge for the new unit under the TDT ‘Sharing the Planet’ was undertaken through different innovative learning engagements like exploration table, gallery walk, read aloud, etc.
1) Self-checking of Diwali homework was done and the doubts were also clarified by the teacher.
2) Revision of term 1 Math concepts was undertaken.
1) Self-checking of Diwali homework was done.
2) Empowering English Reference Book- The teacher revised the concept of ‘Main idea’ and ‘Moral’ of a story through the chapter ‘The monkey and the crocodile.’
3) Retell of the jungle book story was conducted.
Language development
1) Revision of the concepts like past tense, types of sentences was taken up via quiz.
2) For enhancing their presentation skills, the students were asked to share their Diwali vacation experience orally and were also provided with the prompts.
3) For enhancing their listening and comprehension skills, a story of “Blind men and the elephant” was shown to them, post which oral reflection was taken.
Warm regards,
Grade 2 team 🙂
Grade 2-Homework for the day!!

Grade 2-Homework for the day!!

Dear parents,

Homework to be done in the math homework notebook.

1) Write the place value and face value for the underlined number and also write the expanded form for the following:
2) Round off  4,565 to the nearest 100’s
3) Skip count by 7:
4) Write any 6 even numbers from 7,020 to 9,100 and arrange them in ascending order.
5) Write any 6 odd numbers from 2,723 to 4000 and arrange them in descending order.
Warm regards,
Grade 2 team 🙂
Weekend homework!!!

Weekend homework!!!

Dear parents,
The below is the homework for this weekend.
Language homework:
The students will read the story from the given link and for which oral reflection will be taken in the class:
Learners have to solve the following sums in their math homework notebooks:
a) Solve the following sums and recheck them using inverse relationship:
1) 8,000 – 6,890
2) 9,876 – 6,280
3) 7,200 – 6,312
b) Solve the following sums and write their commutative property:
1) 2,345 + 7,128
2) 8,321 + 1,682
c) Write ordinal number and its number names from 1 to 30.

List of Dictation words for next week:
1. table
2. north
3. slowly
4. money
5. map
6. farm
7. pulled
8. draw
9. voice
10. seen
11. cold
12. cried
13. plan
14. notice
15. south
Thanks and regards,
Grade 2 team