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I am a French Teacher. I am from Madagascar and French native speaker. I shifted in India in July 2006, and I was French teacher in IGSCE in PP Savani Cambridge International school for seven years.
French – Grade 9 speaking time table

French – Grade 9 speaking time table

Here is your speaking time table:

Speaking exam Grade 9 Time table
Teacher Date Time
Aahna Murarka Bharat 05/03/2018 11.35-11.45
Ananya Jain Rim Baroudi 05/03/2018 11.35-11.45
Ananya Jain 2 Bharat 06/03/2018 09.30-09.40
Anushka Thakkar Rim Baroudi 06/03/2018 09.30-09.40
Avya Rathod Bharat 06/03/2018 9.40-9.50
Dhyana Beladia Rim Baroudi 06/03/2018 9.40-9.50
Jay Mavani Bharat 05/03/2018 11.45-11.55
Manthan Tulsiyani Rim Baroudi 05/03/2018 11.45-11.55
Naitik Patel Bharat 05/03/2018 11.55-12.05
Nishil Kapadia Rim Baroudi 05/03/2018 11.55-12.05
Rhea Ramani Bharat 06/03/2018 9.50-10.00
Ruhan Desai Bharat 07/03/2018 12.25-12.35
Shreedhi Ejardar Rim Baroudi 06/03/2018 9.50-10.00
Tanay Tayal Rim Baroudi 07/03/2018 12.25-12.35
Tanmay Agarwal Bharat 08/03/2018 12.25-12.35
Utkarsh Sharma Bharat 07/03/2018 12.25-12.35
Utsav Kothari Rim Baroudi 07/03/2018 12.35-12.45

French Grade 10- Mock exam syllabus

French Grade 10- Mock exam syllabus


This is your exam syllabus for mock exam and also for IGCSE exam:

  • Everyday activities: Home life
    School routine
    Eating and drinking
    Health and fitness
  • Personal and social life: Self, family, pets, personal relationshipsHouse and home
    Leisure, entertainments, invitations
    Eating out
    Festivals and special occasions
    Holidays; getting around
  • The world around us: Home town and geographical surroundings
    Public services
    Natural environment
    Finding the way
    Meeting people
    Places and customs
    Travel and transport
  • The world of work: Further education and training
    Future career plans
    Language at work
  • The international world: Holiday travel and transport
    Geographical surroundings
    Places and customs
    Food and drink
    Meeting people
    Issues according to available resources and
    individual interest
  • Bharat Sir
Mock exam French Speaking-listening Grade 10

Mock exam French Speaking-listening Grade 10


You will have your speaking following this calendar

Please, consult your name and your date.

Grade 10 Mock exam speaking time table
01/02/2018 D1
8.45 am Ayush Patel
9.00 am Khusi Bhaiya
9.15 am
Maureen Jariwala
9.30 am Aarohi Agrawal
9.45 am
Abhay Bhingradia
10.00 am Aryan Barapatre
02/02/2018 D2
12.15 am Tanya Thakkar
12.30 am Vedant Trivedi
08/02/2018 D6
10.30 am Ruchit Agrawal
10.45 am Saahil Patel
11.00 am Sanaa Aggarwal
09/02/2018 D1
9.30 am Tisha Gabani
9.45 am Vishva Patel
10.00 am Hriday Sarasiya
14/02/2018 D4
11.30 am Mishthi Mukheja
11.45 am Namrata Donda

Then on 27 february 2018, you will have your listening exam. Venue: Hippodrome, time 8.45 am to 9.35 am


Bharat sir