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I am a French Teacher. I am from Madagascar and French native speaker. I shifted in India in July 2006, and I was French teacher in IGSCE in PP Savani Cambridge International school for seven years.
French curriculum for Grade 9 first term exam

French curriculum for Grade 9 first term exam

Dear Parent,

They will be 2 papers:

  • one listening paper. Paper 1              /30                45 mns
  • One reading writing paper combined.  Paper 2           /70      1h30mns

Lerning vocabulary for tricolore 2 and your textbook IGCSE FLE (Unit 1 to unit 5) will help you to solve these papers.

Unit 1: C’est la rentrée. ( about school life,….)

Unit 2: On se detend. ( about leasures,…)

Unit 3: Là où J’habite. (city, neibhouring, places in city, …..)

Unit 4: Bien manger pour être en forme. (about food, healthy food, recipes, going out to restaurant)

Unit 5: On sort. ( going out for some leasures, ….)


Neerzaree Madam and Bharat Sir