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Grade 8 IDU Exhibition- Component of Summative Assessment

Grade 8 IDU Exhibition- Component of Summative Assessment

Dear All,

Grade 8 IDU Exhibition is scheduled on 11th December 2018.  It will be an exhibition of research done for Summative Assessment task presented through presentation and charts. 

  • Timings:   08:45 am to 10:30 am
  • Venue:     Respective Classroom

Grade 8 students will have their HMB @ 10:30 am to 10:50 am (Venue: Bon Appetit) on 11th December

Summative Assessment Task Overview:

  • In groups, you will be expected to conduct research into the transmission of a disease and explain what SYSTEMS are at work that causes and prevent disease.
  • Your task will require that you work on developing both Science and Humanities skills to make a presentation to your class, adults and other guests about the transmission of an infectious disease.

Details of the Summative Assessment task will be explained to you in your classes by teachers day after tomorrow( 6th December)




Dear Parents,

The response to the onscreen term Papers of your ward can now be reviewed by you, following the instructions given below:

1. Visit the Url:

2. Login using the student email id of the school (login using Google)

3. Open the assessment displayed on the dashboard

4. Review the responses

With Regards,
MYP Team

IMP Announcement: IDU Summative Assessment Task

IMP Announcement: IDU Summative Assessment Task

Dear Students and Parents,

As we are aware of the Summative Assessment planned for IDU in upcoming slots, we would like to bring it to your notice that owing to the complexity of logistics and time-table this will be starting from tomorrow (Tuesday, December 5, 2017) for Acumen and for other sections, from day after tomorrow (Wednesday, December 6, 2017).

Dear Students,

Go through the IDU Criterion A Task and the Task specific Clarification attached below . It is being shared in advance as the task is process based. It will help you to perform in alignment to your expectations.

Grade 7 IDU Criterion A 2017-18 Summative Assessment (1)

Revised Timetable for Revision (27th Sept to 4th October, 2017)

Revised Timetable for Revision (27th Sept to 4th October, 2017)

Dear Students and Parents,
Please refer the  new revision timetable  , which will be published by today(i.e) 26th September –  at 3:30 pm. This timetable will be followed for Grade 7-8 on the following 5 days before exam (27th Sept to 4th October). Students are required to bring necessary resources as per the timetable.
Rationale: This change is planned so that all subjects get revision slots as per the need of the subject and the last 5 days can be exclusively focused on preparing students for term 1 exams.
Note:The PS, AS, Assembly , HRM slots are removed from timetable for these 5 days.
Imp Note Regarding MYP Subject Assessment Sessions 11th September 2017

Imp Note Regarding MYP Subject Assessment Sessions 11th September 2017

Dear Parents,

We are glad to know the interest shown in attending the MYP assessment session through the responses to the form sent earlier.

Please note that if you have already attended session for a particular subject last year or this year, it will make more sense for you to attend it for other subjects as the content is going to be almost same.

The Venue for the sessions are as below, so request you to please be on time at the preferred subject session venue.

Session 1- 8:00- 8:50

  • Science at Hippodrome
  • Language and Literature at Pulse

Session 2- 9:10- 10:00

  • Math at Hippodrome
  • Integrated Humanities at Pulse

Note: Individual queries regarding MYP assessments will be catered after 10:00 am by respective coordinators.

Parents are cordially invited to attend the Science Party being conducted by Grade 7 and 8 students at Rendezvous from 10:00 am onward.



IMP Note Regarding PHE Unit-2 starting August 10

IMP Note Regarding PHE Unit-2 starting August 10

Dear Students,

Please note you are required to bring your own personal badminton racket and spare shuttlecocks(plastic one)-1 for use in the next PHE unit starting on 10th August.

We will be commencing a unit on Rackets games and require your kind cooperation. Please take note of the following points.

1) The school and coaches are not responsible of your equipment.

2) In the event of you not having a racket already. Please kindly purchase according to your budget and need, we don’t need extravagant equipment, it should be just enough for you to grasp the concept.



MYP PHE Teachers

Grade 7 Integrated Science- Year End Examination Syllabus and Details_April 2017

Grade 7 Integrated Science- Year End Examination Syllabus and Details_April 2017

Dear Parents and Students,

Please find Integrated Sciences: Year End Examination Syllabus and details mentioned below.

Grade 7 Integrated Sciences Syllabus:

Unit-1: Unit of Life (Cells)

  • Characteristics of living things
  • Lab Process: Mounting of Onion cells
  • Cell theory
  • Unicellular and Multicellular organisms
  • Inside a cell-Cell organelles
  • Types of cells
    • Plant cell
    • Animal Cell
    • Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells
  • Virus- Living or Non- Living
  • Organisation of life
Unit-2: BEING A SCIENTIST through Measurement and Experimenting (States of Matter and Mixtures)

  • States of Matter
  • Process which bring about change in state of matter
    • Melting, Boiling, Freezing, Evaporation, Sublimation, Condensation
  • Particle theory of matter- All postulates
  • Fourth state of matter- Plasma
  • Mixtures- Types of Mixtures
    • Homegenous
    • Heterogenous
  • Solution- Components of a solution
    • Solvent
    • Solute
  • Seperation techniques
Unit-3: Earth and Beyond

  • Rotation and Revolution
  • Day and night
  • Hemispheres of Earth
  • Climate zones
  • Seasons
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Time Zone
  • Moon- Phases of Moon
  • Eclipse-Lunar and Solar
  • Asteroids, Comets, Meteors
Unit 4: Classification and Adaptation

  • Basic- 5 kingdom classification
  • Importance and use of dichotomous key for classification
  • Animal Adaptation and its types according to animal habitat
  • Classification of Vertebrates
  • Coral Reef
Unit 5: Force and Motion

  • Understanding the terms : Distance,displacement,speed,velocity and acceleration.
  • Formulae for speed, velocity and acceleration.
  • Apply the formulae to calculate each of these quantities.
  • Graph of : (i) Average speed vs. time, (ii) Distance vs. time
  • Basic idea of force
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
  • Newton’s 3 laws of motion
  • Application of these laws to real life situations and Sports.
  • Understanding Friction and it’s role in day to day life situations.
Unit 6: Making Sense of Elements and Compounds

  • Atomic Theory
  • Structure of atom
  • Subatomic particles
  • Atomic Number, Atomic Mass Number
  • Isotopes
  • Periodic Table
  • Metals and Non-metals
  • Valency of elements
  • Compounds
  • Difference between Atoms, Elements, Molecules, Compounds and Mixtures
  • Basic Chemical Reactions

Important Note: You can refer the resources shared by teachers through the resource folders for all units on drive to prepare for the exam. These resources are compilation of resources used in classroom- all videos, worksheets, website links, ppts etc.

Examination Details

  • There will be one paper in Integrated Sciences in Second Term Examination.
  • Paper will consist of Short response questions, Medium and Long response questions.

Duration of Paper: 2 hours

  • Highest Achievement level: 32
  • Highest grade: 7

Paper will assess all the four criteria of Integrated Sciences –

  • Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding
  • Criterion B: Inquiring and Designing
  • Criterion C: Processing and Evaluation
  • Criterion D: Reflecting on impact of science


MYP Sicence Teachers


Change of date for Grade 9 Ahmedabad Science City Field trip

Change of date for Grade 9 Ahmedabad Science City Field trip

Dear Students and Parents,

This is to inform you that  date for Science city, ahmedabad field trip is postponed to 25th Jan,2017 as many of grade 9 students are participating in AUO on 7th Jan.

Those who have genuine reasons / or are unwilling to send their ward for this trip are requested to mail to the email id- about the opt out decision with reason. You are required to inform about opting out of the trip by 2nd Jan, 2017 on this mail id.

In case we do not receive the opt out mail by 2nd Jan,2017 and student opts out at a later date, the amount will be deducted from the imprest.

The details about the trip are as below:

The trip will enhance students physics knowledge. This visit is intended to explore the applications of various concepts of physics like Energy, work & power. It is explicitly planned for students to learn and have fun. They will also be watching a 3D movie “Walking on the moon”.

Alignment of Coordinated Science syllabus with different attractions of Science city is as follows:

No. Unit name Learning outcomes to be achieved Science city attractions
1. Energy Give and identify examples of energy in different forms, including kinetic, gravitational, chemical, strain, nuclear, thermal (heat), electrical, light and sound. Energy Park
2. Give and identify examples of the conversion of energy from one form to another, and of its transfer from one place to another.
3. Describe how electricity or other useful
forms of energy may be obtained from:
• chemical energy stored in fuel
• water, including the energy stored in waves, in tides, and in water behind
hydroelectric dams
• geothermal resources
• nuclear fission
• heat and light from the Sun (solar cells and panels)
• wind.
3. Magnetism Distinguish between the design and use of permanent magnets and electromagnets. Hall of Science
4. Motion Describe, and use the concept of, weight as the effect of a gravitational field on a mass.
5. Light Describe the dispersion of light by a glass prism.
6. Sound Describe how the reflection of sound may produce an echo
Demonstrate understanding that a medium is needed to transmit sound waves
7. Electricity A repository of knowledge on electricity for audiences across various age groups. CLP ELECTRODROME
8. Light Describe the role of electromagnetic waves in:• radio and television communications (radio waves)

• satellite television and telephones (microwaves)

• electrical appliances, remote controllers for televisions and intruder alarms (infra-red)

• medicine and security (X-rays).

Hall of Space

Please refer to the given details of the trip:

Date- 25th Jan


5:00 am

Departure at 5:00 am from Vanita Vishram ground

Reporting time- 4:30 am

10:00 am

Reach Ahmedabad- science City (breakfast on the way)

4:30 pm

Leave from Ahmedabad (lunch at Ahmedabad)

10:00 pm

Reach Surat (stop- Vanita Vishram Ground)

  • Teachers/staff accompanying students for the trip are  Richa Juneja, Rakhee Nahar, Manish Tiwari, Kesha Bookseller, Bhumika Jadhav.
  • Food will be provided at the science city
  • Total cost for the trip will be Approx. Rs 2000 which will be deducted from the Imprest deposit as per the actual cost incurred.