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CONNECT SESSION – 13th February 2019

CONNECT SESSION – 13th February 2019

Dear Parents,

We have organised CONNECT Session on Wednesday, 13th February 2019.

Timings – 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Venue – Y-Box

The school leadership team will be leading a short presentation on “New initiatives and things to look forward to at FS “. This will be followed by Question and Answer Session.

Please note:

  • Kindly be seated 10 minutes before the start of the session in Y Box.
  • This is not a platform to raise any child-specific issues or any other issues.
  • CARPOOLING is highly appreciated & recommended since we have limited parking space.



Fountainhead School

Parents Volunteer Form – Creative Mela (2018-19)

Parents Volunteer Form – Creative Mela (2018-19)

Dear Parent,

We are glad to inform you that Fountainhead School will be organizing a fun-packed, “Creative Mela” on Wednesday, 12th September, 2018. The theme for the event this year is “Best out of waste”.

For this event, we have arranged a variety of workshops for the students where they can do hands on activities, explore their creativity and learn to make something by the end of the workshop.

Since, the IB philosophy emphasises a lot on collaboration including parents, this becomes an amazing opportunity to share your talent and skills with the students of FS. Therefore we invite parents to volunteer to participate in this event. You can choose a workshop which can be conducted with the students, of course, keeping the theme in mind.

The workshop will be conducted in three slots. Each slot will have two workshops, 30 minutes each.

The slots as given below:

Slot 1 – 7:45 am to 9:15 am – Grade 3 and 4

Slot 2 – 9:45 am to 11:15 am – Grade 5 and 6

Slot 3 – 1:15 pm to 2:45 pm – Grade 7 to 9 and 11.


Please note that, the materials required for the workshop will be arranged and provided by the school. You just have to provide us with the details (quantity as well) of the material you need for the workshop.

Interested parents can fill the Creative Mela – Volunteer Form. The last date to submit your response is 22nd August, 2018. We will get back to you for the orientation of the event, once your response reaches us.


Thank you.


Safety Audit @Fountainhead

Safety Audit @Fountainhead

Dear Parents,

Safety and well being of students is of utmost importance to us at Fountainhead. To this end, we had undertaken a safety project last year to improve safety and well being measures at school.

The next step that we have in line is to to invite parent volunteers for an audit of safety practices at school.

What is a safety audit?

A safety audit is to monitor and analyze an institution’s operations in order to determine how well it conforms to a set of specific criteria.

In this case, the parent volunteers of the safety audit team will assess the school’s safety measures based on Aarambh India’s checklist

Categories/Departments for audit:

  • Physical Safety
  • Emotional Safety
  • Cyber Safety
  • Social Safety
  • Emergency Measures

How will the process work?

Once we receive responses from the parents, a short meeting will be arranged to discuss the details. The Safety Audit committee members, i.e. parents will be divided into groups as per the preferences chosen by them. Each group will be conducting the audit for a specific department, will be completing the audit and bringing it to conclusion by writing comments for the chosen department.

Interested parents need to click on the following link and fill the form latest by 16th August, 2018.

Safety Audit @ Fountainhead

The audit along with the parent orientation will be done in the first week of September. (Date will be informed to you later). The parents might choose to do the audit on the same day or some other day in the same week. Important point to note is that parents should be willing to spend a day in school for the audit.

Let’s join hands and work towards ensuring safety of students at Fountainhead!


Fountainhead School




Date: Tuesday, 25th July 2018

Time: 9:00 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.

Venue: Y-Box, Fountainhead School, Surat.

In Attendance: Vardan Kabra, Ankita Diwekar -Kabra, Bhumika Parmar, Bhargavi Bergi

Minuted by: Swati Agarwal, Vaibhavi Patel, Richa Panchal


Chaired by:

Vardan Kabra (Head of School)

Ankita Kabra (Deputy Head of School)

Bhumika Parmar (Senior School Principal)

Bhargavi Bergi (DP Coordinator)


Agenda: CONNECT Session – IBDP Results

09:10 to 09:15 am Settling & Introduction
09:15 am am to 10:30 am DP Results – Discussions and Queries answered


Minutes of the Meeting

Q – Number of students in the highest grade range has reduced as compared to last year’s DP result. The school should work on  areas to increase the ranks in the top bracket and decrease the numbers in the lower grade range..

  • Every year with the change in batch of students the result changes.
  • There were few students this year which with hard work were able to cross 24 and get in range of 24-27 in final IB exams which during term exams were not able to.
  • IBDP is demanding and challenging so students scoring in the 1st range will be less.
  • School puts in efforts to help child reach his/her optimum level. e.g. A student who can achieve 37 and is at 35 is helped in a way that he/she reaches the goal set by him/her but a student at 25 can reach 27 or 28 but not directly 37 in one go.
Q – What is the relevance of Predicted Grade once the final result is out?  Is there any role of parents for understanding about the grades?

  • The admission of the student may get affected if there is a vast difference between the actual and the predicted grades.
  • Not all the colleges have conditional offers  some colleges may have unconditional offers as well. e.g. If a student gets a conditional offer on his predicted grade of 35 but the actual scores at Final IB exams are 31 then the university may deny the admission. In case of unconditional offer that is not the case. The student still gets admission even if the score are less. Some colleges universities may give more weightage to entrance examination scores.
Q – Which national ranking method we are talking about- Which Agency?

  • The rankings varies from agency to agency, the ranking which are shown in the result are derived from MHRD / Times Group etc.
Q – Why is  the STEM course completely missing?. Minority has opted for STEM over the period of 3 years. Is the School not able to develop the interest for STEM?

  • Students opting out of STEM courses are purely out of choice. It is not that we are not promoting the STEM courses.
  • It is not possible to do Indian engineering with DP, the students who want to actually pursue engineering left the school (after G10) and taken admission in dummy school so that they can prepare for engineering.
  • Few students who went to Kota for engineering classes also came back after seeing the narrow approach to education.
Q – At what stage we decide DP course or DP. How does it affect your placement?

  • To go for DP course or full Diploma is a student choice. School may also recommend DP course to student based on past two years assessment reports and also based on career choices.
    • Situation A: The student may opt for DP course from the beginning of grade 11.
    • Situation B: The student may start with full Diploma but after attending classes or attempting assessments may find the program challenging,  so may opt for DP course after Term 1 or Term 2 of grade 11.
    • Situation C: The student feels that in his/her career choice these many subjects are not required and the student opts to do some other online courses related to the career option selected. e.g. Game design
Q – Which student have taken admission in University of Toronto. Ranking of International University where our students have got the admission?

  • Anoushka Jariwala, Shaan Rathod, Sneh Chauhan – Class of 2016
  • Jayani Mehta, Riyaa Ruwala, Tiruja Nayak, Pranjal Bhansali, Vinit Jogani – Class of 2017
  • Jugal Kachiwala – Class of 2018

For more details about FS placements, please refer the given link.

Q – Concern about Extended Essay Results

  • A plan of action is already in place, we make our teachers to write the EE according to the new criteria and get it checked so that they are better equipped to teach students the same.
  • Student samples are purchased so as to understand the way checking is done by IB.

Q – Why the school recommends “No Tuition Policy”?

We still believe that students should develop independent learning skills and we strive to provide the additional support within the school. On account of students going for tuitions, the pace of the class is led by them, there are discipline issues in the class and most importantly there are conflicts with the teaching methodology of the school and the tuitions which leads to confusion for the student.. Few ex-teachers have started taking tuitions propagating that they know the FS pedagogy and they also charge exorbitantly; the existing teachers have no motivation to continue working in school considering this situation. Hence considering all these viewpoints, tutions are not necessarily preparing the students for higher education and are definitely not in the interest of all the students. Some students may need additional support for which parent and the school should discuss mutually and take decision in the best interest of the student.

Q – Can an anonymous survey from students & parents be done whether they are happy with the teaching in school ?

  • Student feedback is taken thrice in a  year.

Q- Why should Disciplinary action be taken against students ? School should contact past students to know if the studies gets affected by tuitions.

The students in Grade 8 to 10 opt for tuition for external support. And from Grade 11 they become independent and they realise that it is not helping them. But at times the parents are more inclined towards PCM and especially STEM so they opt for tuition and there is a lot of peer pressure involved.

Q – Where the school is lacking because of which the students are going for tuition?

The school is working towards providing all the necessary support to the students in terms of quality of teachers and teacher training for effective classroom delivery. But student go tuition because of peer pressure, lack of time management skills and sometimes parent expectations.

Q – What is the quality of teachers in core subjects  especially STEM? Why the teachers don’t have specific qualification of teaching the subject and as a school are you satisfied with that?

  • We have wide ranging profile of teachers, It is difficult to standardize teaching. Some teachers are excellent in classroom management or content knowledge, whereas some are excellent at student rapport. We all are individuals with differences. Teachers are involved in rigorous training process and we have Coordinators to look at the quality of the curriculum and teaching.
  • On field performance is more important. We have interviewed many teachers some were very good at content knowledge but that is not the only thing we look before hiring. As far as IB standards are concerned our teachers are far better than other school teachers because of rigorous training program. Our teachers have also got appreciation from Authorization visitors. Also when we go and meet teachers during workshops at different platforms our teachers always have a upper hand.
Q – Gap between result declaration and admission deadline especially for Architecture.

  • The results are released on 5th July by IB and the last date this year to  submit Indian transcript was 13th July, so students can secure admission for architecture in Gujarat. However, the requirements by ACPC keeps changing year to year.
Q – Alignment of parents’ expectations with school in terms of result expectation from a particular student?

  • As a school we have mixed students with different intellect so overall as a school we will be happy with the results, on the other hand it will differ from parent to parent. Also as a subject teacher, the teacher will always want a child to score best in his/her subject.Alignment is terms of capability is very much possible if both parent and school have the same expectation from a particular child.
  • But as a school we are very clear that grades doesn’t help in long run it is just the key o to get admission in colleges, for us 21st century skills are more important.

The SS Principal extended gratitude to the parents for attending the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.



Fountainhead School



Dear Parents,

We have organized CONNECT (Session on DP Result) – Wednesday, 25th July 2018.

Timings: 09:00 am to 10:30 am

Venue – Y Box.

Session Format – Presentation & Discussion

What is “Connect”?

“Connect” is an open forum where school management shares information and updates with parents and parents can share their concern with the management.

What is IBDP?

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is an academically challenging and balanced programme of education. This program is offered to grade 11 and grade 12 students.

IBDP Result announcement detailed report will be sent by today (21st July 2018) and you are requested to go through it before coming for the meeting.

Please note:

  • Kindly be seated 10 minutes before the start of the session in Y Box.
  • Since it is DP Result specific session, you can address any concerns related to the current results” & placements and board related queries
  • This is not a platform to raise any child-specific issues or any other issues.
  • (Another session will be held in early September for the – General Academic & Administrative Issues.)
  • CARPOOLING is highly appreciated & recommended since we have limited parking space.



Fountainhead School

The Doodle 4 Google Contest 2018

The Doodle 4 Google Contest 2018

Dear All,

The Doodle 4 Google contest is now open for Nursery to Grade 12 students. The theme is “What Inspires You?” and is open till 2nd March 2018.

Interested students are required to collect the contest form by 15th February 2018 from:

  • PYP – Ms. Sanjana Narang
  • Senior School – Ms. Neha Bhatia

The last date to submit the work is 25th February 2018.

Note: Students will have to work behind the given form or can submit the work on another sheet and attach it with the given form.

The prizes are:

National Winner

The National Winner will have a behind-the-scenes experience with the Doodle team to transform their Doodle into an interactive experience on He or she will also receive:

  • A $30,000 college scholarship
  • A $50,000 Technology package for their school/non-profit organization
  • A trip to Google Headquarters in California
  • Google Hardware
  • Fun Googley Swag

National Finalists

The four National Finalists, who do not become the National Winner, will have their doodles featured on the Doodle 4 Google gallery. Each National Finalist will receive:

  • A $5,000 college scholarship
  • A trip to Google Headquarters in California
  • Google Hardware
  • Fun Googley Swag

State and Territory Winners

All State and Territory winners will have their doodles featured on the Doodle 4 Google gallery and will receive:

  • Google Hardware
  • A special celebration for the winner
  • Fun Googley Swag

For more details, visit:

For any queries please contact

  • Ms. Suruchi Arora (Process Organiser – PYP)
  • Ms. Vaibhavi Patel (Process Organiser -Senior School)


Dear Parents,

We have organized CONNECT – An Open Meeting for the Parents with the School Management – on 21st September 2017, Thursday.

Time – 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

Venue – Y-Box

Please Note:

  • The agenda decided by the management is as follows:
    • A short presentation on “Existing  practices at Fountainhead school to address safety concerns”
    • Sharing of writing samples of students across school  (This is in response to concerns raised by a few parents about writing skills of students)
    • Perceptions amongst parents about IB education, What differentiates FS from other schools etc.
  • Kindly be seated by 08:50 AM
  • Since it is an Open Meeting you can address any concerns regarding our Education System as a whole, on Common / General Academic matters, Administrative Issues or any relative apprehensions you may have as a parent. This is not a platform to raise any child-specific issues.

The session will be addressed by:

Vardan Kabra (Head of School)

Ankita Kabra (Deputy Head of School & Primary School Principal)

Bhumika Parmar (Vice Principal -Senior School)

Sanjana Amarnani (Primary Years Program Coordinator)

Mr Parag Shah (Chairman – Trust)



Swati Agarwal

On behalf of Fountainhead School

Knowledgeable Parents of FS (KP of FS) – Registration Form

Knowledgeable Parents of FS (KP of FS) – Registration Form

Dear Parents,


Fountainhead runs three IB programs, and that parents often have doubts and concerns about the same, especially regarding MYP & DP as that affects school/college admissions.

Although as a school, a lot of communication and data has been shared with parents regarding such concerns, there are some (or many) parents who may still have doubts/concerns for the following reasons:
– They haven’t accessed the information that we’ve shared.
– They don’t approach the school to clarify their doubts and instead rely on information networks such as friends or Whats app groups for information, which can be misleading at times.

To overcome this issue of lack of effective communication from our end, we are inviting some parents from each section to become well-informed parents (Knowledgeable Parents of FS) who will have the following roles:

Heedful – To make a conscious effort to go through information relevant shared by the school with all the parents through various means such as website, blog, social media etc.

Contributor – In addition, to attend information meetings, which will focus on a few important things and will be typically run by the school’s leadership team. We expect there to be about one session of 2 hours each month.

Communicator – Respond to other parents’ queries which we have addressed in our detailed sessions (we will put up all the information on our website). This response can be in any method – through social media, face to face, or even asking the school to arrange information sessions for a set of parents.

Collaborator – Bring to the school’s notice, major or minor concerns that you can’t address yourself because of lack of information/understanding, or because the issues are student-specific in nature.

To keep you updated we will be creating a Whatsapp group namely ” KP of FS”
Guidelines to be followed to be the part of the group are as follows:

Group will only be active between 08:00 AM to 02:30 PM on working days only.

The query raised should be general (E.g of queries – Admissions / Predicted Grade / Results / Examinations) and not child specific (For child specific queries you have other forums to connect with the teacher in charge directly).

The queries raised in the group will be addressed in up to 3-4 days (some queries may take more time).

The group is to be used strictly for school information purpose. No forwarded messages / wishing messages like Good morning/ festival greetings / Other chatting allowed in the group and people doing so will be given a warning once and will be removed from the group the 2nd time.

If you are ready to become the representative of the parents you are welcome to be the part of the email / WhatsApp group. We are not looking at fixed number for these parents, but we hope that there will be at least 2-3 parents per section so that there are sufficient people who can respond. We will be happy to include as many parents as interested.

Link to the registration form – Click here


Fountainhead School





Date: 27th July 2017

Time: 8:45 A.M. – 09:45 A.M.

Venue: Y-Box, Fountainhead School, Surat.


In Attendance: Vardan Kabra, Ankita Diwekar -Kabra, Bhumika Parmar, Bhargavi Bergi, Ritu Khanna, Swati Agarwal, Vaibhavi Patel.


Chaired by:

Vardan Kabra (Head of School)

Ankita Kabra (Deputy Head of School / Primary School Principal)

Bhumika Parmar (Vice Principal -Senior School)

Bhargavi Bergi (DP Coordinator)

Ritu Khanna (Head- Career Counsellor)


Minuted by: Ms Swati Agarwal, Ms Vaibhavi Patel


Agenda: CONNECT Meeting

8:40 A.M to 8:45 A.M Settling & Introduction
8:45 A.M. – 09:45 A.M. DP Results – Discussions and Queries answered
10:15 AM Session End


Minutes of the Meeting


Q1 – Difference between IGCSE & DP?

Please find Senior School Program wise details here. Click here.

Q2 – What is PSAT? Importance of PSAT

PSAT stands for Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test. PSAT is attempted to check the ability as well as the strength area. It is a kind of a diagnostic test. PSAT in 10th and 11th helps visualize how well prepared are you for the SAT exam. Now we have PSAT associated with college board.

Our efforts:

  1. Suggestions for online training institutes.
  2. Sharing the results with the teachers.
  3. Asking teachers to work with students in their areas of struggle such as writing skills, etc.

Q3 – Subject information is in acronyms and details are not there.

We have an orientation session for MYP / DP for students and parents (For DP it is when students enter grade 10 & for MYP it starts in grade 6). Handouts for each subject will be given in the session so that the students as well as the parents, are aware of the subject syllabus.We will have more sessions, will keep you informed about it.

For access to the detailed subject syllabus and other information click here.

Q4 – What are the changes school that has made after last year’s results.

  1. A stringent predicted grade policy which enforces students to put in the right efforts from day 1 of the program and not just slog in the end.
  2. Subject selection processes to ensure that students subject choice is compatible with their career choice and current academic achievement.
  3. Result analysis and action plan for the students with parent involvement to ensure that students are on track.
  4. “Submissions Deadline” calendar and follow up systems, prompt communication with parents in case of missed deadlines
  5. Rigorous training to ensure that teachers are equipped to meet the DP requirements. Many of our teachers across subjects are certified IB examiners.

Q5 – Process of International admissions and role of Parents & School Staff in it.

The international admission process starts when the student is in grade 10 with the subject selection and SAT exam preparation. We (school counsellors and coordinators) conduct series of meetings with student and parents to understand student’s interest in career, subjects, their country preference and then accordingly guide them towards shortlisting universities. After this, the country/university specific admission process starts. The school counsellors guide them through different activities to be completed in order to complete the admission process till the offer is received.

Though the entire process is managed by the school; parental involvement cannot be denied. Parents are the primary counsellors. As much as teachers and counsellors do—if not more—parents should play a crucial role in drawing a plan and shaping the career and future of their children. Parents have to encourage their ward to be involved in academic and extracurricular activities, help them to discover their innate talents and skills, develop their knowledge about the world of work, steer the child in the right direction of their career with exposure and expertise.

For detailed Counseling Process – Visit Link

Q6 – We would like to have more options in the field of Arts.

We are also looking at introducing more subjects in Arts field e.g – Film / Product designing / Theatre / Music but due to faculty constraints it is not always possible. We have tried hiring faculties but we have faced issues like the relocation of faculty etc.

Q7 –  IB does not have accounts as a subject, what can be done?

Yes, it does not have an accounting. They learn basic accounting which is required else they are required to focus on DP. Considering this feedback from students of the previous batch, we have planned accounts classes in school during Business Management slot in Diploma program and there will be about 20-25 such classes this year.

Q8 – How much value does private university degree hold, in terms of admission?

Private universities also come under UGC and they have to follow the guidelines prescribed by the UGC. Private universities have better placement opportunities as compared to govt. universities as they have specialized placement cell to guide the students even at the university level.

Private universities tend to be smaller than public universities so the teacher student ratio is also better and they provide a lot of opportunities like internships, international faculties etc. This exposure and learning help the students in further studies or final placements.

Q9 – Have our students gone through competitive examination?

Opting for competitive exams varies from student to student. In principle, students can appear for national/state level entrance exams. The students from our school did appear for NATA – The aptitude test for Architecture.


Q10 – Is French – ab initio – in grade 11 is a basic level course?  Is Hindi more scoring?

French ab initio starts in  Grade 11. Currently, Grade 9 & 10 is having French but if students choose French in grade 11 it will start again at a basic level. We cannot opt out it as it is a compulsory requirement for Diploma program.

In case, we have more students opting for French we can have differentiated classes for those who have already studied French and those who are new.

Hindi is scoring as it is more prevalent compared to French in our day to day life. It will be difficult to score in a foreign language as we do not use it for day to day communication.

Q11 – Each university has specific requirements. Why an early understanding of career path is a better option?

Universities have specific requirement that is why it is important to start preparing early and understand the requirements of the universities. Career counselling process, which starts from Grade 7 in our school is with this purpose that the student is well aware of the career choices available and is in a better position to choose the right career path.

Thus, by the time the  child is in Grade 11 he is clear about his choices (in most cases) and admission forms can be filled accordingly. Admission process differs from country to country. For abroad, it starts early (Oct-Nov). Admission process for Indian universities starts late. Complete guidance is given by the school counselors throughout the admission process.

Q12 – What is IB non-regular Diploma? Would all universities recognise this non-regular diploma and regard it as an equal qualification to the regular diploma?IB non-regular Diploma basically means that you can skip one of the group 3 (Humanities) & 6 (Arts)and replace it with three Sciences from group 4 e.g. if you want to pursue medical, you can skip Group 3 & 6 and take three Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) from Group 4 instead. You can do this if you provide an evidence that this is needed for your further education.The evidence has to be sent to IB 18 months before i.e. till November of grade 11.

DP considers it non-regular as IB believes in learning a wide range of subjects.

Non-regular diploma students also get the same diploma and no where in the certificate it is mentioned non-regular diploma. It is equivalent to getting a regular diploma  as the required criteria of 3 at SL and 3 at HL is met with the core components (Theory of knowledge, Creativity, Activity and Service and Extended Essay).

It is recognized by all universities.


Q13 – Why Humanities is being preferred more nowadays as a career choice- Science is not taken by the students? Why don’t students don’t opt for Engineering?

Over the period of time, humanities has become more popular, on international as well as national level, compared to science. Subject choices also depend on where the students come from (background) and availability of subject choices. Nowadays new career avenues have opened up. Students can exercise their choice and opt for their passion.

Computer Sciences – Is there a possibility that we incline students to pursue this? Is it possible that 5yr program from this stage? Can school start with this program in addition to this apart from the curriculum in the school itself?

The future career options like data science/automation / game designing / artificial intelligence will be at par in the upcoming years.

We are inclined towards promoting coding in school so that students can take interest. Options that can be looked upon are, classes on coding after school hours or interested students can make a plan and then work upon it.

Link to Connect PPT – 27th July 2017


The Head of the School thanked the parents for attending the meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.