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IIMUN Championship Conference 2019

IIMUN Championship Conference 2019

Dear Parents,


Fountainhead School is proud to have been invited to participate in the prestigious IIMUN Championship Conference 2019 being held at World Trade Center Mumbai, the conference is scheduled from 24th to 27th of January’ 19


India’s International Movement to Unite Nations (IIMUN) is a movement to implement IIMUN Actionable Goals while bearing cognizance of the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. IIMUN aims to galvanize the youth to start taking an initiative in combating problems on an individual level, thereby moving from a mundane classroom discussion and bringing tangible change in an honest attempt to making this a borderless world. In 1947, when the world was asleep, India carried its first revolution and rose to freedom.

IIMUN has been the World’s largest education conference management brand having organized the World’s Largest MUN simulation in Mumbai amongst many other conferences. It also became the first organization to conduct multiple MUN conferences inside United Nations Headquarters in New York. IIMUN today touches upon more than 10 million young people in 160 cities and 22 countries annually.

Below are the details of the respective event:

  • Date: 24th to 27th of January’ 19
  • Venue: World Trade Center Mumbai.
  • Approximate cost: Rs. 17000 – 17150/-

The above-mentioned cost includes:

  • Conference fees: Rs. 5000 per student
  • Accommodation and Food at the venue during the event: Rs. 10000 per student
  • 3 nights & 4 days accommodation on triple occupancy basis for students & double occupancy for teachers at 3-star hotel.
  • Meals include Lunch from 24th January 2019 to Lunch on 27th January 2019 i.e 3 breakfast, 4 lunches, 3 dinners and 4 evening high teas.
  • Transport to and fro Mumbai Railway Station & the hotel.
  • Entry to all 15 socials as per the itinerary
  • Travel expense: Approx. Rs. 1235/- [Train fares are a subject to change as it adds up other charges (taxes) after the payment is done.]
  • Miscellaneous charges (Includes Chaperone’s cost, food cost when it is not provided by the organisers & any other emergency expenses, which if not used shall be deposited back into Imprest A/c)


Further itinerary and committee allocation details will be share later once we have the registrations.

Please note:


  • The above-mentioned cost has been considered for a minimum of 12 students, if we receive less than 12 student participants, the respective program might be cancelled or the cost might increase depending on the number of participants.



  • Final date to fill the form will be 30th November 2018. Please note once the form is filled we will commence with train ticket booking to get the best possible train, post which if you cancel, cancellation charges will be applicable.




  • Cheque of Rs. 17000/- needs to be submitted by 10th December 2018. The cheque must be in favour of “Fountainhead Education Trust”



In case of any concern/query, kindly feel free to reach us at




Events Team

Fountainhead School


U12 Football Tournament 2018

U12 Football Tournament 2018

U12 Football Tournament 2018


Ultimate Sports & Education Trust in association with Fountainhead School brings you the first ever U12 Football Tournament.

Given below are details of the tournament:

The tournament is scheduled on 27th October 2018.

Venue: Fountainhead School

Expected Arrival time and Departure Time: 7:20 am and 3:15 pm

Total Teams playing: 12 including teams from Fountainhead and other schools/ clubs.

Things to carry:


  • School ID card/ Aadhar card for DOB check (Please note without DOB proof player will not be allowed to play for his/her team.


  • Football Kit, Football shoes, Shin Guard and Water bottle.
  • Cell phones and other gadgets are strictly not allowed if found will be confiscated.
  • Students may carry cash (maximum Rs. 200) for purchasing food coupons as per your wish for breakfast and lunch which is for Rs. 150 in total per player.



Please note the following details:

  • Banana & Energy drink per will be provided on the field. Students can also carry healthy dry snacks as per food policy if needed.
  • Parents are welcome to watch the matches which will happen at FS Frisbee Ground and Football Ground.
  • Teams need to adhere to jersey color as mentioned below:


  • Supa Strikers – Blue


  • Amazing Blasters – Yellow
  • All Stars FC – Black
  • Indian Challengers – White
  • Stunners – Red
  • Players – Orange
  • Surat Panthers – Green
  • FS Girls – Pink (Yet to pay Rs. 1500, team registration fees)



  • This information is only for students who have participated in this tournament. Other students/ parent kindly ignore the mail.

Kindly refer to the tentative schedule in case any teams change, for your reference:

Match Slot 00:40:00
Slot no. Start End Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
1 08:00 08:40 Supa Strikers v Indian Challengers All Stars FC v Stunners Kooh SPORTS v Ryan
2 08:40 09:20 GGEMS BOYS v Amazing Blasters Stunners v Players Ryan v FS Girls
3 09:20 10:00 Supa Strikers v Surat Panthers All Stars FC v Players Amazing Blasters v GGEMS GIRLS
4 10:00 10:40 Indian Challengers v Surat Panthers GGEMS BOYS v GGEMS GIRLS Kooh SPORTS v FS Girls
5 10:40 11:20 9 v 11 (League) 10 v 12 (League) 1 v 8 (QF)
6 11:20 12:00 2 v 7 (QF) 3 v 6 (QF) 4 v 5 (QF)
7 12:00 12:40 9 v 12 (League) 10 v 11 (League) 1 v 4 (SF)
8 12:40 13:20 2 v 3 (SF) 5 v 8 (SF) 6 v 7 (SF)
9 13:20 14:00 9 v 10 (League) 11 v 12 (League) 7 v 8 (Seeding match)
10 14:00 14:40 1 v 2 (Finals) 3 v 4 (Seeding match) 5 v 6 (Seeding match)

Kindly refer below tables for transport routes for Saturday:

Route No:- 1 (Saturday Timings:- 7:15 – 3:15) (Bus)
No. Stop Name 3:15:00 Pick_Up Drop
1 ONGC Phase – I Main Gate 0:00:00 6:30:00 4:00:00
2 Union Residency Main Road, Vesu 0:02:00 6:32:00 3:58:00
3 S.D.Jain School Main Road 0:02:00 6:34:00 3:56:00
4 Someshwara Enclave Main Gate 0:03:00 6:37:00 3:53:00
5 Piplod Gam (Jakat Naka) Main Road 0:05:00 6:42:00 3:48:00
6 SVNIT Circle Main Road 0:04:00 6:46:00 3:44:00
7 Sargam Shopping Center Main Road 0:01:00 6:47:00 3:43:00
8 Mora Bhagal Circle Main Road 0:17:00 7:04:00 3:26:00
9 Shubhash Garden Main Road 0:01:00 7:05:00 3:25:00
Fountainhead School 0:10:00 7:15:00 3:15:00
Route No:- 2 (Saturday Timings:- 7:15 – 3:15) (Bus)
No. Stop Name Pick_Up Drop
1 Jolly Residency, Vesu 0:00:00 6:30:00 4:00:00
2 Ratan Jyoti Complex Gate, Nr. VIP Road 0:02:00 6:32:00 3:58:00
3 Highfield Ascot, VIP Main Road 0:02:00 6:34:00 3:56:00
4 Agam Krupa Complex, Nr. Happiness Restaurant 0:02:00 6:36:00 3:54:00
5 Money Arcade Main Road (Nr. Swastik Complex) 0:03:00 6:39:00 3:51:00
6 Subh Laxmi Complex Main Road 0:05:00 6:44:00 3:46:00
7 State Bank of India, City Light Road 0:02:00 6:46:00 3:44:00
8 Opp. Maheshwari Bhavan 0:01:00 6:47:00 3:43:00
9 Noopur Hospital Circle Main Road 0:01:00 6:48:00 3:42:00
Fountainhead School 0:27:00 7:15:00 3:15:00
Route No:-3 (Saturday Timings:- 7:15 – 3:15) (Bus)
No. Stop Name Pick_Up Drop
1 Petrol Pump (Nr. J.B.Diamond) 0:00:00 6:30:00 4:00:00
2 Railway Parcel Office 0:04:00 6:34:00 3:56:00
3 Barfiwala College Main Road 0:02:00 6:36:00 3:54:00
4 Smt. Maniben Kantibhai Circle 0:02:00 6:38:00 3:52:00
5 Dholakia Garden (Nr. Katargam Police Station) 0:02:00 6:40:00 3:50:00
6 Siganpur Char Rasta 0:04:00 6:44:00 3:46:00
7 Dabholi Circle 0:02:00 6:46:00 3:44:00
8 Dabholi Bridge main Road 0:02:00 6:48:00 3:42:00
9 Surya Darshan Complex, Main Road,Jahagirpura 0:12:00 7:00:00 3:30:00
10 Satyadev Plaza, Jahagirpura 0:01:00 7:01:00 3:29:00
11 Sutrali Circle 0:04:00 7:05:00 3:25:00
Fountainhead School 0:10:00 7:15:00 3:15:00
Route No:- 4 (Saturday Timings:- 7:15 – 3:15) (Bus)
No. Stop Name Pick_Up Drop
1 Raja Dairy Main Road 0:00:00 6:30:00 4:00:00
2 Zenith Hotel Main Road (Old Amisha Hotel) 0:03:00 6:33:00 3:57:00
3 Laser Store 0:04:00 6:37:00 3:53:00
4 Tower Main Road 0:01:00 6:38:00 3:52:00
5 Air India Office 0:03:00 6:41:00 3:49:00
6 DKM Hospital Main Road 0:01:00 6:42:00 3:48:00
7 Dotiwala Shop (Swami Vivekanand Circle) 0:06:00 6:48:00 3:42:00
8 Dhanmora Complex Vijay Dairy (Adajan Patiya) 0:04:00 6:52:00 3:38:00
9 Royal Residency, Cause Way Road 0:03:00 6:55:00 3:35:00
10 Gulzar Avenue Main Road 0:03:00 6:58:00 3:32:00
Fountainhead School 0:17:00 7:15:00 3:15:00
Route No:- 5 (Saturday Timings:- 7:15 – 3:15) (Bus)
No. Stop Name Pick_Up Drop
1 Green City Main Road 0:00:00 6:35:00 3:55:00
2 Galaxy Circle Main Road 0:04:00 6:39:00 3:51:00
3 J.K.Motors Main Road (Nr. Scantrum Circle) 0:02:00 6:41:00 3:49:00
4 Krish Residency, Nr. Rajhans Camps 0:04:00 6:45:00 3:45:00
5 Trinity Mall Main Road 0:03:00 6:48:00 3:42:00
6 Nr. Plant Nursery, Nr Green Arcade 0:02:00 6:50:00 3:40:00
7 State Bank Of India (Nr, Tapi Hotel) 0:03:00 6:53:00 3:37:00
8 Surbhi Dairy Main Road 0:01:00 6:54:00 3:36:00
9 Bhumi Complex Main Road 0:02:00 6:56:00 3:34:00
10 Friend Class Main Road 0:03:00 6:59:00 3:31:00
Fountainhead School 0:16:00 7:15:00 3:15:00
Route No:- 6 (Saturday Timings:- 7:15 – 3:15) (Bus)
No. Stop Name Pick_Up Drop
1 Jay Jalaram Store (Jamnanagar Bus Stand), Ghod Dod Road 0:00:00 6:30:00 4:00:00
2 Green Avenue Main Gate, Ghod Dod Road 0:02:00 6:32:00 3:58:00
3 Ashirwad Palace Gate No.4 (Bhatar) 0:02:00 6:34:00 3:56:00
4 Silver point complex, Geetha restaurant, Bhatar main road 0:02:00 6:36:00 3:54:00
5 Amrut Kunj Complex 0:02:00 6:38:00 3:52:00
6 Nutan Niwas Complex Main Road 0:02:00 6:40:00 3:50:00
7 Nr, Rupali Naher, Bhatar Road 0:02:00 6:42:00 3:48:00
8 Reliance Petrol Pump Main Road 0:02:00 6:44:00 3:46:00
9 DCB Bank Main Road 0:05:00 6:49:00 3:41:00
10 Palanpur Patia Circle Nr,Mahavir Jewellers 0:10:00 6:59:00 3:31:00
Fountainhead School 0:16:00 7:15:00 3:15:00
Route No:- 7 (Saturday Timings:- 7:15 – 3:15) (Bus)
No. Stop Name Pick_Up Drop
1 Opp,Shyam Mandir Main Road (VIP Road) 0:00:00 6:30:00 4:00:00
2 Om Terrace Complex Main Road 0:02:00 6:32:00 3:58:00
3 China Gate I Main Gate 0:02:00 6:34:00 3:56:00
4 Breadliner Circle Main Road, UM Road 0:03:00 6:37:00 3:53:00
5 Opp.Kapadia Health Club 0:06:00 6:43:00 3:47:00
6 Gandhi Engg. College 0:03:00 6:46:00 3:44:00
7 Kailash Sweets Main Road 0:02:00 6:48:00 3:42:00
8 Tadwadi Char Rasta Main Road 0:08:00 6:56:00 3:34:00
9 Opp.Prakash Interior Hub (Ram Nagar) 0:03:00 6:59:00 3:31:00
10 Krishan Row House Main Road 0:05:00 7:04:00 3:26:00
Fountainhead School 0:11:00 7:15:00 3:15:00
Route No:- 8 (Saturday Timings:- 7:15 – 3:15) (Bus)
No. Stop Name Pick_Up Drop
1 City Mall Main Road 0:00:00 6:32:00 3:58:00
2 Opp, Indoor Stadium Main Road 0:02:00 6:34:00 3:56:00
3 Agrawal Samaj Main Road 0:02:00 6:36:00 3:54:00
4 Opp. Sarela Shopping Center Main Road 0:03:00 6:39:00 3:51:00
5 Pinki Collection,Main Road 0:03:00 6:42:00 3:48:00
6 Ravi Dham Complex Main Gate 0:01:00 6:43:00 3:47:00
7 Opp.Chinmay Appt, Nr. Shree Ram Petrol Pump 0:10:00 6:53:00 3:37:00
8 Center Point 0:01:00 6:54:00 3:36:00
9 Prime Arcade Main Road 0:02:00 6:56:00 3:34:00
10 Gail Tower Main Road 0:02:00 6:58:00 3:32:00
Fountainhead School 0:17:00 7:15:00 3:15:00
Route No:- 9 (Saturday Timings:- 7:15 – 3:15) (Bus)
No. Stop Name Pick_Up Drop
1 Chandni Chowk Circle 0:00:00 6:31:00 3:59:00
2 Umra Garden 0:04:00 6:35:00 3:55:00
3 Brijvatika Complex Main Road 0:02:00 6:37:00 3:53:00
4 Metro Shoes (Nr. Shoe mark) 0:04:00 6:41:00 3:49:00
5 Ambica Niketan Bus Stop 0:02:00 6:43:00 3:47:00
6 Dheeraj sons, Athwagate. 0:03:00 6:46:00 3:44:00
7 Vijay Dairy (Gujarat Gas Circle), Adajan 0:04:00 6:50:00 3:40:00
8 Bajaj Showroom 0:01:00 6:51:00 3:39:00
9 Mahavir Petrol Pump 0:04:00 6:55:00 3:35:00
10 Rocket Circle (Satyam Shivam Sundaram Apt) 0:02:00 6:57:00 3:33:00
11 Nr. CNG Station, Dandi Road (Subhash Garden) 0:08:00 7:05:00 3:25:00
Fountainhead School 0:10:00 7:15:00 3:15:00
Route No:- 10 (Saturday Timings:- 7:15 – 3:15) (Bus)
No. Stop Name Pick_Up Drop
1 Sarita Dairy, Main Road 0:00:00 6:36:00 3:54:00
2 L.P.Savani Circle Main Road 0:02:00 6:38:00 3:52:00
3 CNG Station Main Road, Nr. L.P.Savani Road 0:02:00 6:40:00 3:50:00
4 Raj World (Nr. Palanpore Gam Road) 0:06:00 6:46:00 3:44:00
5 Prince Medical Store Main Road 0:05:00 6:51:00 3:39:00
6 Gam Khadi Char Rasta Main Road 0:02:00 6:53:00 3:37:00
7 Vaishnodevi Canal Road 0:07:00 7:00:00 3:30:00
8 Vaishnodevi Blue Complex Main Road 0:03:00 7:03:00 3:27:00
Fountainhead School 0:12:00 7:15:00 3:15:00
Route No:- 11 (Saturday Timings:- 7:15 – 3:15) (Winger)
No. Stop Name 3:15:00 Pick_Up Drop
1 Magob Circle 0:00:00 6:30:00 4:00:00
2 Opp. Zapata Store Main Road 0:20:00 6:50:00 3:40:00
3 Sheth Morabhai Hospital / Motiwala Perfume 0:03:00 6:53:00 3:37:00
4 Chowk Char Rasta 0:02:00 6:55:00 3:35:00
Fountainhead School 0:20:00 7:15:00 3:15:00


In case of any queries, feel free to contact us at


Hardik Trivedi: 7990321759



Fountainhead School

IIMUN 2018- the Surat Chapter

IIMUN 2018- the Surat Chapter

Dear Parent/ Student,

It is our distinct pleasure to be invited for the fifth Surat Chapter of the IIMUN 2018 to be held from 5th to 7th October’ 18 at G.D. Goenka International School, Surat.

Through this conference they hope to provide a unique opportunity to engage students and be more productive in developing sensitive, open minded young diplomats while developing strong friendships. This conference will draw attention to fundamental issues of global importance through General Assembly committees. The focus will be on concrete solutions and ways to make our world a better and more secure place to live.

The students from Fountainhead School can go as individual delegates, students should register as individual delegates.

If you have any query or registrations related information needed please contact.

Name: Mrs. Ankita Kapadia                                      Name: Mr. Saliq Ahmed

Email ID:     Email ID:

Phone: +91 9638400006

In case of any more queries, kindly mail us at:


Fountainhead School



Team “Techradiance’18” is a National Level Championship organised by Harbour Technologies in association with Radiance IIT Bombay. National Level Workshop cum Championship Techradiance is a 2 days’ workshop program specifically designed for school students aimed to improve their theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The workshop on Androids App Development is postponed due to less registrations and will be conducted on 29th and 30th of September. The last date for the registration is 18th Sep’18 extended date.

The cost of the workshop is approximately Rs. 1500 to 1700 per student (Revised cost) which includes workshop registration cost with GST (Rs. 999 + 18% GST), food – lunch (approximately Rs. 200), transportation for two days (approximately Rs. 150) and chaperone cost which will be divided with the number of participation we get. The cost shared is as per 60 participants which is minimum number required to conduct this workshop, if we do not get minimum number of participation we might not conduct this workshop. Please note that students have to bring breakfast from home. The amount will be deducted from the imprest amount as per actuals.

Link for the registration form:

P.S. – Once the form is filled, your registration will be considered as final and will not be cancelled under any circumstances.



Dear All,
The workshop on Androids App Development is postponed due to less registrations and will be conducted on 29th and 30th of September. The last date for the registration is 18th Sep’18 extended date.

Llink for the registration form:
Fountainhead School.
Educational Trip 2018-19 – G-7 Gir & Beyt-Dwarka

Educational Trip 2018-19 – G-7 Gir & Beyt-Dwarka

Dear Parent,

We had an orientation for grade 7 students with Team Wilderness who are organising this educational trip from last 4-5 years for grade 7.

The purpose was to give clarity to students if they have any queries or concerns and they can directly ask the vendor. Students were briefed about activities, and doubts were clarified regarding hygiene and stay at Gir & Beyt-Dwarka.

On basis of this orientation we have requested students to give their confirmation. Forms will not be accessible, if they want to register now or change the response they need to email us at

You need to give your response latest by 18th Aug’ 2018 (Extended Date)

Grade Destination Section Date Cheque amount to be submitted Travel details Trip Details
7 Gir & Beyt-Dwarka

Batch 1 (Cognizance, Envisage, Idea, Vision )

Batch 2 (Acuity, Acumen, Insight, Perspicacity)

Batch 1:

24th – 30th  Dec

Batch 2:  

25th – 31st  Dec

10,500 AC sleeper bus

1. Short trek

2. Devaliya park

3. Okha beach-experience flora and fauna

  • Booking and travel arrangement will commence after 18th August. Post this cancellation charges will be applicable on opting out, if consent has been given earlier.

For more information, please refer to the details posted on the blog

Note: Detailed itinerary and other important information of each trip will be shared later.

For any further query related to educational trips, feel free to contact us at



Since 2013, FSMUN has been returning every year to provide students with an unmatchable MUN experience. This year, we come again and present to you FSMUN 5.0!
Any MUN is impossible without the assistance of Organizing Committee. FSMUN treasures the OC and recognizes its need. Which is why, we now open applications for the Organizing Committee of FSMUN 5.0. Any people who wish to partake may fill out the following form. The last date to fill the form is 25th of August. More details about the event, along with registration for delegates will come soon.
CAS trip to Gir

CAS trip to Gir

Dear Parent,

For CAS trip, students will be taken to Gir Forest also known as Sasan Gir, is a forest and wildlife sanctuary near Talala Gir in Gujarat, India.

Gir Forest National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat, western India. It was established to protect Asiatic lions, who frequent the fenced-off Devalia Safari Park, along with leopards and antelopes. Gir Jungle Trail, outside the fenced area, traverses deciduous forest and is home to wildlife including vultures and pythons. The Kamleshwar Dam has marsh crocodiles and birds, such as Indian skimmers and pelicans.

Date: 6th to 9th September, 2018

It is located 43 km north-east of Somnath, 65 km south-east of Junagadh and 60 km south-west of Amreli. It is well known for its Wildlife Sanctuary of Asiatic Lions.

The project of “Save Lion by covering well”  is a good opportunity for students to cover all the 3 strands (Creativity, activity, service) and achieve minimum 3-4 learning outcomes through this CAS trip. There will be good amount of physical work and great service in this camp. Hands on experience for students in making a metal cover in the Workshop (after several manufacturing process like cutting, drilling, welding, etc) and installing it over the well.

Given below is the itinerary of the trip:

Day-1 (6th Sept,2018)
6:00 pm

Leave for Gir

Reporting time- 5:30 pm (Opp. Pal RTO)

Travel by Non AC Sleeper bus.
Day-2 (7th Sept, 2018)
7:00 am Reach campsite
  Freshen up and Breakfast
  Leave for the Work Site to Cover the Well. Study the dimensions and work upon the plan to cover the well. Students will be guided by the experts about making of the metal cover.
  Define the role and responsibility of each participant in constructing the cover of well.
  Lunch Break
  Spend time at the workshop for making the cover. Students will work under the guidance of experts on cutting, bending, welding the channels, etc in the workshop.
  Farm walk to explore forest birds of Gir.
  Discussion about the human and wildlife conflict with locals, threats of open well, group discussion on the plan for the Day 2.
  Lights off and relax.
Day-3 (8th Sept, 2018)
  Breakfast and leave for making the cover at workshop.
  Back to the work for giving final touch in fabrication of cover. Check the durability of the fabricated cover.
  Time for Chai pe charcha – How to conclude the pending work? Consolidate
  Wildlife safari in Devalia Park (subject to completion of well cover by evening)
  Relax in the evening
Consolidate the action plan for Day-3
Lights Off
Day-4(9th Sept, 2018)
  Cover the well. Check the durability of the cover. Celebrate the accomplishment with distribution of certificates
12:00 noon Depart for Surat

Reach around 12:30 am to 1:00 am (night)

Venue- Vanita Vishram Ground, opp Mahavir Cardiac Hospital, Athwagate Surat.

  • Approx cost for this trip will be Rs.9500. Amount will be adjusted in the imprest deposit as per actual cost incurred.
  • Please submit the form and cheque latest by 10th August 2018. Cheque to be in favor of “FOUNTAINHEAD EDUCATION TRUST”


  • Please note that if we do not receive cheque by 10th August 2018, we will not confirm your name even if you have filled the form.


  • Cost includes: Vendor’s cost, transport cost, accommodation, food, materials and local charges cost, teacher’s cost.
  • Minimum number of students required are 30 students. Please note that if we do not get 30 students we might cancel the trip or cost per student will increase.
  • Travel by Non A/C Sleeper bus.
  • Cancellation charges will be applicable once you register your names for the trip.

Please fill the given below form to confirm your participation in for this trip.

To see photos of campsite and accommodation, please refer to given below link:

To know more about the project you will work, refer to the given below link:


Fountainhead School

Secretariat of FSMUN 2018-2019

Secretariat of FSMUN 2018-2019

We are now opening the selection of the secretariat for this years Fountainhead Schools Model United Nations. We are looking for students who are willing to grab this opportunity and become part of the Core Committee of the 5th edition of this event.

These are the following positions and responsibilities.

1.Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General:

Acts as the head of the conference, this person has the responsibility to find the correct Executive Board members for this event. As well as keeping tab on the study guide and overall academics of this conference.

2.Director General and Co DG

They will be collectively guiding the Organizing Committee to build this conference. From the logistics to the sending of invites to the other institutes. The Organizing Committee is the heart of the conference and the Director General is given the responsibility to aid and guide them through the process.


Final date to fill the form will be 25th July, 2018.

In case of any concern/query, kindly feel free to reach us at


Events Team

Fountainhead School