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Artistic Gymnastics Achievement

Artistic Gymnastics Achievement

Hello all,

Here is the result of SGFI Surat Rural District “Artistic Gymnastics” Competition result.

Total 3 girls participated from our school in the category of (under 14 – Girls) and all have been selected for the state level competition.

Congratulations to all the girls for showing up their great efforts and spirit. You are an inspiration to the other FS Gymnasts.The competition was held at Swan Sea Health Club, near the indoor stadium.

Under 14 Girls
1) Kriti Gajera
2) Sakshi Viradia
3) Anushree Anandani

IMG_20160827_130623 IMG_20160827_130831 IMG_20160827_130831_1 IMG_20160827_130930_4 IMG_20160827_131032 IMG_20160827_131052 IMG_20160827_112433
Harish Chauhan
PE & Gymnastics Instructor