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PTC slots Term 2

PTC slots Term 2

Dear Parents,

Take a note of the following guidelines for the PTC that is scheduled for, 25th April 2018 (tomorrow):

1- Student must accompany the parent.

2- Kindly bring the old I-card as well as the bearer card. You will be given new I-cards and Parent pass for the upcoming session.

3- Go through the portfolio that has been sent with your child and feel free to discuss any query with me during the meeting. Make sure that the portfolio is brought along for the PTC, in case of any issue that needs to be discussed.

3- Review and discuss your child’s goals and come prepared for evaluating the goals. Bring the goal sheet with you, for the PTC. (You will be able to locate the goal sheet in the portfolio)

4- Refer to the following table for the details of the appointment slots booked by you. Each slot is of 15 minutes with a 5 minute transition time.

5- For those of you who missed out on booking the slots, the slots are booked as per availability. Kindly take a note of it.

Name Slots Start Time End Time
Kavya 1 7:30 7:45
Samarth 2 7:50 8:05
Uddhav 3 8:10 8:25
Break 8:25 8:40
Nancy 4 8:45 9:00
Yuvika 5 9:05 9:20
Devarsh 6 9:25 9:40
Shiven 7 9:45 10:00
Yashtika 8 10:05 10:20
Daksh 9 10:25 10:40
Kenny 10 10:45 11:00
Dhiraj 11 11:05 11:20
Nishtha 12 11:25 11:40
Kanan 13 11:45 12:00
Lunch 12:05 12:35
Maira 14 12:35 12:50
Meet 15 12:55 13:10
Shreyansh 16 13:15 13:30
Sushaan 17 13:35 13:50
Bhav 18 13:55 14:10
Hriday 19 14:15 14:30

Homework- 20th April

Homework- 20th April

1)Complete the following modules from Khan Academy:

Angle types, measuring angles, constructing angles, Parallel and perpendicular quiz, classifying triangles.

Here’s the link to the modules:

2) Complete the mixed bag homework from the following link:

Note for parents:

Evidences of Term 2 and PYP Exhibition report have been sent along with the children.Please do refer to it and in case of queries, do get back to me on the day of PTC i.e 25th April.

Online reports will be sent tomorrow.



~ Prepare your script, if not done yet. Practice it in front of mirror as well. Tomorrow we’ll start taking the assessment, make sure that you are thorough with the content and even while practicing, keep Public speaking criteria.

~ Create display for focussed LP,Attitudes and Skills, along with the description of how did you showcased it.

~ Evolve students – Check your mails for the see-saw updates. (Pending tasks)

Homework- 9th April

Homework- 9th April

1) Work on your exhibition script. Practice/ Rehearse it in front of the mirror, be thorough with the content.

2) Exhibition website link has been shared.You need to explore it.

All the best for the Grand Rehearsal tomorrow.

3) Create the display for focussed LP’s/attitudes and skills- You are expected to write the detailed description as well, how have you showcased it in the process of PYP exhibition.

4) Write the conclusion, if not done yet.

Homework – 5th April

Homework – 5th April

~ Work on your Action plan, if not done yet.

~ Spend time in preparing the content, that you wish to display on the D-day.

~ See saw – I’ve disapproved many pieces, as pictures were not clear. Upload your portfolio pieces again (rejected ones) in the form of pdf today itself. If your work is not completed you’ll be asked to do stayback to finish it.

Homework – 2nd April

Homework – 2nd April

1) Write the cyclic refection in your PYP Exhibition notebook. Refer the following points and don’t forget to use the checklist to make sure that you have covered all the essential elements.

– Primary Research – Survey/Interview

– Secondary research – Extracting information from books, internet, magazines, etc.

– Synthesis- Organizing your thoughts and jotting down your understanding of each LOI.

– Formative assessment- Reflecting on your research and working on the feedback.

– Action plan – Choose-Act-Reflect. Putting efforts to bring a change in society.

2) See Saw- Upload the pieces of Term 2 as discussed in the class, if left. Today is the last day to upload it/finish your work.

3) Start working on your display work, begin with creating blueprint and Title.

Refer Take- a moment sheet and visible thinking tools link (mailed to you)

4) Complete the mixed bag homework, if not done yet. We’ll check it tomorrow in 1st slot. – Math mixed bag posted on 31st March

Homework – 28th March

Homework – 28th March

Complete the Math mixed bag homework from the following link:

~ Complete all the pending mixed bag homework, if any.

~ As discussed in the class, you are expected to do individual synthesis once your primary and secondary research work is completed. Make sure you complete the homework assigned by your mentor/teacher.

~ Organise your folder, move all the pictures/videos/documents in the shared folder and transfer the ownership to ‘Acad docs.’