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Homework – 13th March

Homework – 13th March

~ Revise all the chapters of Holes thoroughly.

~ Maths-

Watch the video and make Notes in Math notebook   –

~ Mixed bag- Submit it on Thursday

Finish the incomplete task, if any.



1. Create a poster/collage/paiting/poem  showcasing your idea about India’s culture. Best pieces of work will be selected for final display on the day of exhibition. (separate paper- A3/A4/ half chartpaper – students can decide)

2. Complete the mixed bag worksheet.

Happy Holi

Homework- 26th February

Homework- 26th February

~ Complete the cyclic reflection, use the checklist as a reference and make sure to add all the points. Refer the sequence and write the learning outcome of each session as discussed in the class.

  • Importance of Note-taking
  • PYP orientation (Prezi+senior’s visit)
  • How exhibition looks like (Videos+photos)
  • Golden circle – Understanding Why, what and how of Exhibition
  • Throw it all in the Mix
  • Attitudes (Looks like, sounds like and feels like)
  • LP – How will you embody each LP during exhibition
  • Website exploration
  • Creating life Map followed by play (Memories)

~ Revise the book Holes till chapter 23rd. Be ready for the formative assessment.

Note: Bring ear/head phones tomorrow and Lang SA, if not submitted.

Homework- 23rd February

Homework- 23rd February

~ Upload UOI portfolio piece till 4 0’clock. You can choose y-chart, reflection of exploration centres or any research work done in the class. Write comments in detail and add PYP attributes, like LP’s and attitudes. I’ll mail you the Code at 3o’clock.

~ Read till chapter 23 from the book ‘Holes’ and don’t forget to write your understanding at the end. Make Notes of chapter 22 and 23 and also write summary of it (1/5th of the chapter)

~ Answer the following questions (based on today’s exploration session) in your PYP Exhibition book.

What is the big idea and common connection between all the centers? (Summarize your understanding of the exploration in 6-7 sentences.)

Homework- 20th February

Homework- 20th February

~ Be ready to influence others to read the book chosen by you, by presenting the cons and pros and few highlights of your book (Be mindful of book review criteria)

Practice it twice in front of the mirror and evaluate yourself based on public speaking tips.

Move the presentation or upload the photo of the chart in the shared folder. Don’t forget to transfer ownership to Acad docs, if not done yet.

~ Read chapter 7(till page 33) of the book ‘Holes’

Stars of the day (20th Feb):





Stars of the class- 19th Feb



Congratulations!Keep it up!!

Homework- 19th February

Homework- 19th February

~Create your life/story map- It should be a display of pictures- This map should describe you and important events and people in your life that have helped you to become who you are.

Guiding points: full name, birth date, place you belong to or have lived at (write all if you have lived at several places), family tree, relationships/friendships, experiences (mistakes, tragic/sad moments, joys, lessons learnt), most cherished memories as a family, write about your family culture/traditions/rituals/beliefs/values, likes and dislikes, talk about role models or person you aspire to become like, your aspirations etc

This can be done on chart paper or several pages bundled together.

~ Complete the pending homework if any.

~Get the UOI SA signed by your parents.