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Highlights of the day – 13/03/2019

Highlights of the day – 13/03/2019


Students completed the pre writing and drafting of their narrative writing on the given topic.


Central Idea of the new unit was unpacked and later the learner studied about the Digestive System through different learning centers and then discussion happened on the same.


Refer to the common blog for Hindi and Gujarati homework.


Highlights of the day -12/03/2019

Highlights of the day -12/03/2019


Teacher modeled dividing 2 -digit number with 1-digit number with or without remainder. Later, students solved few sums independently.

Homework :

Solve the following division sums with the complete process, do not forget to write the statement:

a). 56 ÷ 4

b). 86 ÷ 6

c). 98 ÷ 3

d). 99 ÷ 8

e). 79 ÷ 6

f). 80 ÷ 7

g). 48 ÷ 3

h). 88 ÷ 2

i). 89 ÷ 9

j). 68 ÷ 5


Highlights of the day – 12/02/2019

Highlights of the day – 12/02/2019

Day 1 Tuesday

Math: Formative assessment was conducted.

LD: Formative assessment was conducted.


Solve the following word problems:

a) The store ordered small posters and large posters to promote their opening. The number of large posters ordered were 48. The small posters ordered were 12 times as much as large posters. How many small posters were ordered by the store?
b) Rajan runs 19 miles a day for 22 days. How far does he run?
c) The Turner family uses 548 liters of water per day. The Hill family uses 3 times as much water per day. How much water does the Hill family use per week?
d) This year on your 11th birthday your mother tells you that she is exactly 3 times as old as you are. How old is she?

Have a good day!

Highlights of the day – 7/02/2019

Highlights of the day – 7/02/2019


Students started with their Summative assessment.


Learners watched a video and later shared their feelings about making an informed choice.


Find the product of 
a) 243 x 34 b) 453 x 46 c) 376 x 38

Solve the following word problems:

a) The basketball team is selling T-shirts for ₹ 256 each. On Monday, they sold 4 T-shirts. On Tuesday, they sold 5 times as many T-shirts as on Monday. How much money did the team earn altogether on Monday and Tuesday?

b) Anita buys a stamp to mail a letter. The stamp costs ₹ 46. Anita also mails a package. The postage to mail the package costs 5 times as much as the cost of the stamp. How much does it cost to mail the package and letter?

c) Every day at the bagel factory, Siya makes 5 different kinds of bagels. If she makes 144 of each kind, what is the total number of bagels that she makes?

d) Priya measured 437 ml of water in a beaker. Siya measured 3 times as much water. How much water did they measure all together?

Homework – 05/02/2019

Homework – 05/02/2019


  • Multiply the following sums using Traditional method:

a) 43 x 32
b) 27 x 43
c) 40 x 3
d) 70 X 3
e) 134 x 23
f) 40 X 30
g) 307 x 34
h) 70 X 30
i) 300 X 200
j) 324 x 43
k) 400 X 30
l ) 453 x 36
m) 700 X 90

  • Read the given situation and answer 2 questions that follow:

There were 20 doctors working in a Mahavir hospital. Each doctor has 3 nurses assisting them. There are 5 receptionists, Tia, Pia, Mia, Eva and Lata. working at the reception.

  1. How many people are working in the hospital ?
  2. On Monday, 23 patients made appointments with each doctor at the hospital. However, 80 of the patients did not show up. How many patients visited the clinic on Monday ?