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Table Tennis Inter House Schedule

Table Tennis Inter House Schedule

Greeting Fountaineers

Table Tennis Inter House competition will start from 13th Feb(Day 1) for grade 4 to 12 during their respective grade PS slot. 

Grade wise Schedule

Grade 7&8 – Day 1 (13th Feb)

Grade 11&12- Day 1 (13th Feb)

Grade 9&10 – Day 2 (14th Feb)

Grade 5- Day 2 (14th Feb)

Grade 4-  Day 2 (14th Feb)

Grade 6-Day 5 (20th Feb)

PE Games Unit

PE Games Unit

Greetings Fountainhead
Grade 6 students culminated the  games unit in PE where they played two games i.e  Flag Football and Hand Ball. These 2 games were  new to them & challenging.Through these games they learn how to make strategies and synergize in the team game. 


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Table Tennis Inter House

Table Tennis Inter House


Inter house Table Tennis tournament for grade 7 & 8 is going to be held on Monday in PS Class 11th January,And for grade 9-10-11&12 is going to be held on Tuesday in PS Class 12th January. Table Tennis room is in GRADE 8 wing.Interested players should report Mahmood sir before 9:10 am.

Grade 1 PE Class

Grade 1 PE Class

Grade 1 “AMITY & JOY ” students create different type of human pyramid and performed different movements during their PE class.Through performing all the activities  they develop their “FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT SKILLS”

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Invitation for join Edmodo

Dear students,

Those who are choosen flag football in PE  Kindly join Edmodo.You can post your ideas or any questions related the strand. This will act as your evidence.

How to login into Edmodo:

  1. Click on the link:
  2. You will be directed to the site page as pasted below  Edmodo
  3. Kindly click on students fill in the details. Group Code: yiymgxEdmodo Login
  4. Click on Sign Up for Free.


Fountainhead Inter house Table Tennis competition 2014-15

Fountainhead Inter house Table Tennis competition 2014-15

  • Competition will be conducted in their PS classes only.
  • Those who want to participate in competition have to bring their own T.T Racket.
  • If any student wants, school can provide only Kungfu-racket.
  • This year we haven’t kept any restriction/ limitation on entries so all the interested participant can participate in the competition.
  • All the participants have to assemble in the table tennis  area for the reporting.

Below are the dates of the competition.

26/2/2015      Day 6:- Grade 7-8

2/3/2015      Day 1 :-Grade 9-10-11