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Important note for GP students

Important note for GP students

Dear students ,

You will have a class test tomorrow–Day 1 in your GP class time from 9:50 to 10:45 am. Please be there on time. It will be a 24 mark test wherein you will have a source given to you based on which you will have to answer just 1 question for 24 marks.

Please read up the sample paper shared with you. All the sample papers have been share don Google classroom( check it).

But be careful about the marks, as till last year there was no 24 mark answer, so what you need to focus on while going through the sample is the ” Marking scheme”–it tells you the detail about how many marks will you score , based on what you write.

Remember it is not about long answers, it is about the right answer and you will not get additional supplementary.

Also starting from tomorrow we will keep having tests during the class to help you prepare to write long answers for your exam in October.
All the best!!

1st Goal setting conference-Important instructions

1st Goal setting conference-Important instructions

Important Instructions for the Goal Setting week

Dear Parents,

We were very happy to meet you for the 1st Parent Teacher Meeting of the academic year-2015-16. Now we are on the threshold of the next important event in your ward’s life.The goal-setting exercise is the year’s first one on one meeting between the parents, the teachers and the students.

This meeting is used to build a rapport between the parents and the teacher, as well as to jointly discuss and decide upon important areas to work upon for the student. Goals are often such that require work from both parents at home and the teachers in school. Being an important exercise, we hope to see all of you there.

However, as you might be aware that space in school for parking for cars of parents is a big bottleneck and we understand that we cannot resolve in the near future.Therefore we have to move to a system where we have to spread out these activities over a few days instead of just one day.

We will have the goal setting exercise from 2nd of July and to facilitate smooth parking, this time Goal setting exercise of one grade will be held on one day. Refer to the schedule given below :

Date Day Grades Which grades are working on this day?
2 July 2015 Thursday Grade 6 All except Grade 6
3 July 2015 Friday Middle Years (Grades 7-10) All except Grades 7-10
6 July 2015 Monday Grade 5 All except Grade 5
7 July 2015 Tuesday Grade 4 All except Grade 4
8 July 2015 Wednesday Grade 3 All except Grade 3
9 July 2015 Thursday Grade2 All except Grade 2
10 July 2015 Friday Grade 1 All except Grade 1
11 July 2015 Saturday Nu, Jr.KG,Sr.KG None

Timings on each day: 7:40 a.m. to 3:20 p.m., only 15 minute slots, with 5 minutes for transition.

There will be 20 slots in the day to cater to all the students. Since you will have the option of booking your own slots through Google Calendar appointment slots and hangout option (click here for instructions on how to book your slots) we hope both parents will attend the meeting (virtually or physically).

To ensure that there is no parking issue and the event goes on smoothly, you are advised to complete the goal setting exercise in the allotted 15 mins and leave school so that we have no parking bottleneck.

Also, please take note of the following:

  1. Since the rest of the school will be working, school buses carrying the children will be going in and out of the school. The slots have been planned such that there are minimum clashes between the parents cars and the buses; however around 8:50, 10:10, 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. the movement of the cars will be restricted to ensure as the buses need to be given priority. Cars wanting to come in or leave at that time may need to wait for a few minutes. Please cooperate with us on this.
  2. Please follow the security staff instructions for the parking of your cars as there are 3 different parking locations based on the slot timings.
  3. Pantry will not remain open for parents on these days & pantry coupons will not be sold on these days.
  4. Single subject teachers (Arts, PE, Hindi & Gujarati) will not be available as they will be taking classes of other grades. So please do not wait for them. You can meet them during Open house days or communicate with them through the daily diary.
  5. Since we would like you to go back in as short a time as possible, we would prefer that you handle all regular administrative issues through emails / phone.
  6. All PTCs / SLCs during the year will follow the above model. The calendar sent to you already has the weeks marked for this.
  7. School will work on pre-decided Saturdays to ensure no working day is lost from our standard calendar. In this case, everyone except the Middle Years will work on 4th July to make up for the working day lost.

We request each one of you to cooperate and follow the above instructions. In case of siblings with slots on different days, you can explore the option of Google Hangout. We hope that you will attend the Goal-setting meetings.

Looking forward to a productive and enriching year ahead,

Thanking you,

Fountainhead school.

G-5 Update regarding Sports day

G-5 Update regarding Sports day


As you are all aware and geared up for the Sport’s day tomorrow…a few things to keep in mind:

1. The first thing you do is come to class.

2. No Chromebooks to be brought to school tomorrow–

3. Bring your diary, lunch box, water bottle, compass box and reflection book only.

4. After sports day we will figure out interesting ways of effectively spending the remainder of the day…

5. Be sure to bring your parents along and enjoy the most of cool winter mornings:)

G-5 Symbiosis Homework for 16th Dec’14

G-5 Symbiosis Homework for 16th Dec’14


1. Complete reading chapter 10.

2. Attempt the worksheet , if you need use the blank A4 sheet for writing answers.


1. Write your name in angular form as explained in class, be creative, mark all the different type of angles and keep a  record of the same.

2. Collect a leaf or a twig of leaves , paste them on the given paper and mark all the angles found on it( angles seen in real life)

Workshop announcement

Workshop announcement

Dear Parents,

The Gateway School of Mumbai is dedicated to help students with learning disabilities to develop the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes necessary for them to lead fulfilling and productive lives. It’s a non profit school affiliated with The Gateway School, New York ( USA ).

Fountainhead  School has collaborated with The Gateway School for guiding us in helping our SEN students and also for differentiation  in a classroom set up.

Two faculty members from The Gateway School of Mumbai,Ms Radhika Misquitta and Ms Varsha Morani, are visiting Fountainhead School from 16th Dec to 18th Dec. They will be conducting a workshop on ‘Learning Difficulties and Disabilities” for the parents on 17th Dec.

This workshop will give a clear insight about how to deal with our students and give us a better understanding about their needs.

A brief up about the facilitators:

Dr. Radhika Misquitta- Ph.D. Special Education, University of Texas, Austin (USA)

Radhika is a founding member of the Gateway School of Mumbai, where she currently serves as Director of Education. She has worked in India and the U.S. as a special educator, trainer/coach, curriculum designer, and consultant with various organizations and schools since 2002. She has also co-published several research papers and has attended and presented papers at LD conferences around the world.

Varsha Morani- Director of Counselling and Admissions

Varsha holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, from the University of Mumbai. She has been working with a variety of non-profit organizations, corporate institutions and schools since 2005.

Fountainhead School believes that the responsibility of student learning is a partnership between the school and parents.  It is strongly recommended that you attend this workshop to help you cope with your child’s learning needs in a better manner.

We have limited seats so register at the earliest.

Kindly confirm thorough email:

latest by tomorrow 11 am.

Workshop Date: 17th Dec, 2014.         Venue: Senior Library, Fountainhead School.

Time: 8:00 am.

Regards ET team.