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Homework: 19 February, 2019

Homework: 19 February, 2019


Mixed bag: Check the answer key of cycle 25 and 26 posted on google classroom and do the corrections.

Book review : Start working on the Mega presentation for the book chosen for the month of March.

Language : Do as directed in your Language notebook:

Q1. Change the subject to plural form and use the correct verb.

Eg. The girl likes apples.

         Ans. The girls like apples

  1. He rethinks about the choices made.
  2. The woman works at the clinic.
  3. This house costs around a million dollars.
  4. The man goes to the store.

Q2. Fill in the gaps with an adjective. ​Try using brilliant adjectives and not just ‘big, small, red, pink etc.

​1.​ ​Her ________________ car stopped.

2.​ ​My ________________ coat is warm.  ​

3.​ ​The film was __________________.  ​

4.​ ​The sky is ____________________.  ​

5.​ ​I saw a _________________ whale.

​6.​ ​The _______________ dog barked.

Homework: 07 February, 2019

Homework: 07 February, 2019


UOI: Continue your Summative assessment research on the topic chosen. Also start working on the charts/models if any for your presentation.

Math: Solve the following word problems in your math notebook:

  1. Decathlon sports store has a discount of 20% on all winter wear. What will be the sale price of a jacket which sells at a regular price of Rs 2480?
  2. A shoe store sells items with a profit margin of 50%. If a pair of shoe costs the store Rs 500 what is the selling price of the shoe?
  3. The purchase price of an app on iPad is Rs 650. If the tax on the app is 10%, what is the total price of the app?
  4. A new video game is on sale for 24% off. If the original price was Rs 800 find the sale price?

Language : Listen to the audio book and read along     (Chapter 16)   (Chapter 17)

Summarize both the chapters online in the folder shared. Create a folder of your name and write the summary in the word document.

Homework – Coalition 5 February, 2019

Homework – Coalition 5 February, 2019


UOI: Continue your research based on the topic chosen for the conflict summative assessment.

ICT: Draw a portrait of the adult and write alongside of that portrait- when would you ask for help if you needed it online.

Math: Solve the word problems in your Math notebook:

  1. 200 people watched a movie. 55% people like the movie. Calculate the number of people who did not like the movie ?(must do )
  2. ⅗ students in your class have Dell Chromebooks. What percentage of students have Dell Chromebooks? (must do )
  3. A track is 4 km long. Jignesh has jogged 3 km. What percentage of the track has Jignesh jogged? (Should do )
  4. . In a class of 50 students,  8% were absent on a day. Calculate the number of students who were present that day ?(Should do )
  5. 45% of the total population of a town are men and 40% are women. Calculate the percentage of the children in that town ? (Should do )
  6. What is the error – An analysis showed that 0.06 per cent of the T-shirts made by one company were defective. A student says this is 6 out of every 100. What is the student’s error. Justify your answer. (can do )
  7. By selling a chair for Rs.1440, a shopkeeper loses 10% . At what price did he buy it ? (Can do)