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Important Note

Important Note

Dear parents,

We are planning for one day picnic on 18th October, 2018 (Thursday). We are seeking for a place(farm house) which is nearby (less travelling time {max one hour of travelling}) and can accommodate 180 students and 20 adults with sufficient shade.

For the said purpose, we are looking for any parent to volunteer to offer their farm house. We would be grateful if any parent could refer a place which belongs to them/ their friend or relative.

You can inform us  about the same latest by 8th October (Monday).

You can acknowledge us by sending a DD to your ward’s HRT.


Jr.KG Team.

Camel Drawing Competition

Camel Drawing Competition

Dear parents,

Like every year this year too we have the ‘Camel Art Contest’. The contest will be held on 4th October.

  1. The contest is open for all students of Early years
  2. It will be held in the school, during school hours only.
  3. Students can choose any medium comfortable for coloring and they will have to carry their own material for coloring. Pencil, eraser and paper will be provided by the school.
  4. The paper will be provided from the school and they have to draw and color here in school itself.
  5. Topic for the competition is “My Family”.( at home or on a picnic)
  6. Selected artwork will be sent by the school to Camel for further selection and the winners will be informed through the blog.

With regards,

Jr.KG Team

Glimpses of first few days

Glimpses of first few days

Dear parents,

Theeeeeeeey’re back — those first few days of school where teachers are all exhilarated about being in the class to roll out the red carpet for the little angels.

The first few days have been thrilling and fun with the kiddos. Starting from settling them to listening to their innocent and humorous talk has been a sweet experience. It has been an eventful week for the children. It all started with a beautiful welcome where children were given colored badges representing their section as a part of identification.


The teachers warmly welcomed the students with a wide smile, role modelled all the routines and procedures and acquainted them with directions to washroom, play areas and their classes. They were also guided about showing reverence towards their peers and adults and things around; keeping the plates gently in the trolley after lunch; keeping their bags and bottles at the allocated areas.


The students also embraced read alouds and various interesting rhymes. They were guided to their buses with the teachers as well as the class didis. As it is truly said, “Time flies away when you’re having fun!”, and it passed by too quickly. The first two weeks were a delightful experience with the little ones.


Sharing a few glimpses of the days gone by.

With gratitude,

Jr.KG Team



Dear Jr.KG Parents,

A home for  a child is a place where he/she learns with comfort and joy. As the life oriented journey of your child begins we ensure that your child is at home, away from home.

On behalf of my entire team, I Nisha Jain heartily welcomes you to the new academic session 2018-19.

We believe that each child has its own uniqueness and so we, strive to shape their individuality .Our goal is to foster child’s learning by providing a child friendly environment and catering to every child’s need through differentiation, experiential learning with focus on building character and competence in conducive environment.

We as a team, seek your cooperation and involvement in fostering the growth of each child through play.We would like to sum up our goal by sharing this quote by O Fred Donaldson “Children learn as they play, most importantly in play children learn how to learn.”

Now, I would like to introduce my team.



Nisha Jain joined Fountainhead in February 2012. She completed her B.Com. from S.P.B College, Surat and her MBA from SCDL, Pune. She has pursued B.Ed from Singhania University.She has previously taught at Kangaroo Kids for 2 years. She enjoys listening to music, reading love stories and is a movie fanatic.



Tasneem has been associated with Fountainhead School since November 2010. She holds a B.H.Sc (S.N.D.T) with specialization in child psychology and a B.Ed. She likes watching movies, reading and traveling.



Parvin Samnani believes that “One can learn at any age”. She holds a B.A and B. Ed. in Sociology from SNDT University, Mumbai. She has been associated with Fountainhead School since 2011. Her passion is reading books and listening to music. She loves to interact and spend time with kids. She is enthusiastic and curious by temperament.



Rita Menghrani is born and brought up in Jaipur(Rajasthan). She is a Commerce graduate, from Rajasthan University and joined Fountainhead School in 2013. She previously worked with L.P Savani School for a short stint of 5 months. Teaching is her passion and she shares good bonding with her students. She is persuading her B.Ed from S.N.D.T.. She likes watching movies, cooking, reading and traveling.



Trishna Sarkar joined Fountainhead School as a Special Educator in 2013. She holds a B.A. and a Diploma in P.P.T.C. She is in the field of teaching since 2006. She loves drawing, cooking and listening to music. 



Dharini Upadhyay has completed Masters in English and B. Ed. from VNSGU. She has an enthusiastic personality and loves the unpredictability of life. Dharini joined FS in 2015. She enjoys travelling, adventures and cooking. She likes being with children. She firmly believes in the principle that learning is a lifelong process and hence is a lifelong learner.



Riddhi Jain has done Post Graduation in Marketing through VNSGU in 2009, and is currently pursuing MA in Psychology. She joined Fountainhead as an Early Years Teacher in 2016. She has an energetic and chirpy personality and loves listening to music.



Jimmi Lineswala has worked with Fountainhead Preschool for 3.5 years and is a part of the Early Years team since 2016. She has completed B.Sc Chemistry in 2000. She likes reading books, travelling and spending time with her close ones. She strongly believes that “We are lifelong learners” and her motto is to create a playful and motherly bond with kids.



Vinkal holds a B.Ed. degree. She has worked with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar school for 6 years and has also worked with L. P. Savani International for 5 and a half years. She joined Fountainhead school in April 2017. She likes listening to music and exploring different places.



Juhi holds a BBA from Navnirman Institute of Management, Surat. She started teaching while she was studying and wanted to explore the field further. This quest lead her to join the school and hence she commenced working with FS in July’16 as an Early Year teacher. She loves to explore things and places and always tries to seek opportunities from her surroundings.  She believes that learning is a lifelong process and there’s no end to gain knowledge from divergent sources. She loves kids and gels well with them. She has tutored from home and has taught in coaching classes for 5 years. Juhi is passionate about imparting knowledge as she too gets to learn during this process. She loves travelling, listening to music and reading.

With gratitude,

Jr.KG Team







Dear parents,

Kindly find the PTC slots for 25th April. Please ensure that you reach 5 minutes prior to your slots.


Sr.No Slots Timings Name of the students
1 07:30- 07:50 Tansi
2 07:50- 08:10 Mehaan
3 08:10- 08:30 Vedant
4 08:45- 09:05 Raviraaj
5 09:05- 09:25 Taksh
6 09:25- 09:45 Aadit
7 09:45- 10:05 Siya
8 10:05- 10:25 Hridaay
9 10:25- 10:45 Aarav
10 10:45- 11:05 Nirvan
11 11:05- 11:25 Nandini
12 11:25- 11:45 Aaradhaya
13 11:45- 12:05 Shlok
14 12:35- 12:55  Krishi
15 12:55- 13:15 Hidayat
16 13:15- 13:35 Yashvi
17 13:35- 13:55 Shahraan
18 13:55- 14:15 Krishya


With gratitude,


Highlights of the week(9th to 13th April)

Highlights of the week(9th to 13th April)

Circle Time:

Revision of the rhymes done till date.



  • Revision of addition.
  • Summative assessment was taken for the same.
  • Revision of number names and days of the week was done.




  • Revision of all the digraphs done till date.
  • Revision of all the tricky words done till date.




  • Language: Worksheet.
  • Math: Math workbook pg no. 55 and 64.


Important points :


  • Kindly send swimming costume, towel and an extra pair of underwear for pool time.
  • Every Wednesday is a fruit day.
  • Kindly ensure revision of taught concepts in Math.
  • Kindly ensure daily revision of tricky words (reading and writing).
  • Kindly conduct at least one read aloud everyday.


Have a fantabulous weekend!


Sr KG team