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Homework for 14/2

Homework for 14/2

Dear Students,

You need to complete the following tasks-

Transfer the ownership right for your autobiography/biography to HRT.

Go through the document named ‘Important Points’ shared with you in the summative assessment folder.

Refer to the SA Rubric thoroughly while you continue with your task achievement.

The research sheet of your group needs to be moved in the folder shared with you.

A separate blog post will be done for the human library event, kindly go through the same and do the needful.

Hope you have a lovely long weekend.

Keep Smiling!

Homework for 29/01

Homework for 29/01

Dear Students,

Complete the following tasks:

  • Language – Write a brief story for the beginnings given in Empowering English – pages 18 and 19 in Language+UOI notebook. Fill the details in the table given on page 20.
  • Start working on writing an autobiography online using the writing process. Use impressive sentence openers and descriptive words.
  • Select your portfolio pieces as discussed in class.
  • Chromebook needs to be charged.
  • Continue revising/editing your Big 6. Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors.

Have a brilliant day!

Keep Smiling!

Homework for 25/1/19

Homework for 25/1/19

Dear Students,

Do the following tasks:

  • You need to change the beginning of this story. You have to write a brilliant paragraph using any 1- 2 opening (your choice from EE reference book)). Once done, rewrite the story in your Lang + UOI homework notebook.
  • Mixed bag homework posted by Khadeeja ma’am.
  • Complete the task assigned by Puja Ma’am.
  • Refine the steps of Big 6 as discussed in class.


  • Practice Khan Academy and read theory.
  • Questions regarding PYP Exhibition needs to be recorded in the PYP Journal.
  • Book Review on Monday – Eagerly waiting to witness your creativity.
  • Cromebook needs to be fully charged as the current unit is research based.
Homework for 22/1/19

Homework for 22/1/19

Dear Students,

Complete the following assigned tasks :

UOI – Complete the two steps of Big 6 for the group research topic chosen. Please refer to the ‘I do’ model which was discussed in class.

Language – Read pages 1-5 from Empowering English and complete the task given on page 3 and page 5 in the notebook.

Note :

Class photo is scheduled for Thursday, 24th January 2019 at 10 am. You are requested to come dressed in proper school uniform.

PYP road map deadline approaching soon – 29th January. Ensure to work on the same.

Have a delightful day ahead!

Homework for 18/01/19

Homework for 18/01/19

The entire class has been assigned a passage titled ‘Place in space’ on You need to read the passage and answer the vocabulary questions related to the word ‘Migrate’ and submit it on Monday.

Complete the mixed bag homework in your mixed bag homework notebook.

Read the following article:

After reading the article write a reflection keeping in mind the central idea and the key concepts of the unit Migration. To be done in UOI+Language notebook.

For reference:

TDT: Where we are in place and time
Central Idea: Human migration is a response to challenges, risks, and opportunities
LOI and Key Concepts:
The reasons why people migrate (Causation)
Migration throughout history (Change)
Effects of migration on communities, cultures, and individuals (Perspective)
Related Concepts: Adaptation, Prejudice
LP: Inquirers, Communicators, Thinkers
Attitude: Curiosity, Confidence
Skills: Communication skills– Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Viewing
Research skills: Formulating questions, Planning, Collecting data, Recording data, Organizing data, Interpreting data, Presenting research findings
Revisiting Data Handling Skills

Revisiting Data Handling Skills

Dear Students,

Let us revise data handling skills through the given links. Reflection will be taken in class.

Go through the attached link to revise the steps of data handling cycle.

Data Handling Cycle

Go through the presentation to revise the types of survey questions that could be included in a survey form.


Etiquette for taking an interview