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“Bring For Home” – Weekend Homework for 01/03/19

“Bring For Home” – Weekend Homework for 01/03/19


Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Cardboard“Hey Carty!! How are you?”

Carton box Hey Cardy!! What’s up?? I am so happy. I have observed that I am preferred and used by people again and again. I am glad that I am worth recycling.”

Cardboard“So am I, but the issue is that those who use me, find it difficult to mold me because of my stubborn nature. They say that I am not malleable.”

Carton box “Oh dear!! I agree to you, in fact, I noticed my users talking with each other about how dehydrated you are and need so many coats of paint or colors to shine. “

Cardboard “Exactly, not only this, though I am stiff, I often bend due to gravity, I am so heavy dear.”

Carton box – “But don’t you worry Cardy, I am there to replace you, People do not mind recycling nowadays, in fact, they find it easy to locate me in their stores, cupboards, kitchens and in the attics as well. I have a bigggggg family and we are spread across the globe. “

Cardboard“ Don’t forget, I too belong to your distant family, however, I am often neglected because people cannot slit me easily with a pair of scissors and instead, are forced to use jagged cutters. I remember how you have grown over the time as earlier you used to have a thin layer of polyethylene (PE) that protected the product inside it and made you only 75% renewable, but now you are getting stronger day by day.”

Carton box – “ Oh thank you for acknowledging my efforts Cardy, I am sure that as far as I am there, people will use me. I am eco-friendly, renewable and sustainable just like you, the only difference is that I am cost friendly and handy. I am reused again and again and again. In fact, I am going to visit Fountainhead soon with all my close family members as there is utter need of me.”

Cardboard  – “ Yeah, I know that, since these are 10 – 12-year-olds so I would avoid joining you there. I do not want them to struggle in holding and molding me. I am sure you will be enough to suffice their curious creativity.”

Cartoon box – “These responsible students are going to get one each from their houses in whatever sizes they find me, and are going to gather all of my family members in their classrooms. We will have a family reunion on the 4th of March.”

So enthusiastic learners,

As you would have comprehended the task for the weekend, get along empty – waste cartoon boxes from home. It can be of any size. Smallest being the shoe box, a big one being the LCD/Refrigerator box, we are okay with anything you can carry to school. Just keep in mind that you must flatten it and then get it. Let us bid adieu to stubborn Cardy and greet welcome to Carty (cartoon boxes) for our creative DIY’s.

Homework for Ruminate – 26/02/19

Homework for Ruminate – 26/02/19

Dear students,

You have been appreciating the surroundings in many ways so far, but it is time to show a caring attitude towards our planet, towards each living being, towards the resources which makes our life easier. Let us watch the following videos –
A simple yet powerful task is, to design a poster post watching these videos. You need to critically think for a problem you witness around you locally or globally, think of a creative solution ( it can be as simple as one shown in the talent awareness video as it has to be a doable task).
You would want to add the following points in your poster –
– A situation around which disturbs you.
– A possible solution to that problem.
– A movement to engage more people in this problem-solving.
– A slogan or a quote to spark that awareness in the viewer’s mind.
You have come a long way so far and it is for sure that you are furthermore critical thinkers, problem solvers and the communicators with “I CAN, I WILL…” attitude.
Let us make this planet a more safe and friendly place for one and all.
The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.” – Nathaniel Nranden
Home task for the day – 21/02/19

Home task for the day – 21/02/19

Hello Agents.
The graph of your operations is definitely in an increasing state. You have been submitting your creative pieces timely which shows your commendable time management skills. So far, so good, well communicated.
There is yet another adventurous operation for you creative, confident, committed and courageous commandos to accomplish ( so many C’s 🙂 ).
It is codenamed – Mission: Name your Tag.
Briefing for this operation will start as soon as this sentence finishes.
You have to make a name tag for yourself; one that is visible and could be worn on the left-hand side near your heart at all times. It shouldn’t be too small, and yet not overly large. You may choose to add an adjective, learner profile attribute or strength of yours, along with your name.
Expected time for the operation to be accomplished is 22nd of February 2019.
Best of luck for the oncoming operation. The agency, for security purposes, will not provide any resources for this task. All the resources are to be arranged by you –“BEST OUT OF WASTE” to be targeted.
As usual, this message will self destruct in 5 seconds…
Homework for Ruminate – 18/02/19

Homework for Ruminate – 18/02/19


  • Complete the mixed bag homework on a sheet of paper and it needs to be submitted as per instructions given by Rachana ma’am.
  • Update your sheets as per the Human Library session attended by you today.
  • Sheet 4 of BIG SIX – Use of information, has to be completed today itself – before EOD. Cooperate and collaborate with your group members.
  • Come prepared for your Mega Presentation.
  • Note:- We will have our summative assessment of biography writing tomorrow.
Homework for Ruminate – 14/02/19

Homework for Ruminate – 14/02/19


  • You need to do the primary as well as secondary research for your chosen community.
  • A detailed DD communication to the parents and the SA task card along with the rubric is handed over to you in order to help you refer to the success criteria.
  • You need to complete Task 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Big Six Research Tool by Sunday EOD.
  • Repository link for the SA communities is uploaded on the Google Classroom.
  • Mixed bag homework is not posted as per the purpose explained to you today.
  • A gentle reminder for the Book Review Mega Presentation beginning from Monday – 18/02/19.
  • Your Goals will be reviewed in Cycle 27, keep working towards the same.
  • A separate blog post will be done for the human library event, kindly go through the same and do the needful.
  • Kindly note – Tomorrow is a holiday for students. See you on Monday.

Keep researching, be inquirers and communicate effectively!!

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Book Review Mega Presentation

Book Review Mega Presentation

Dear students,

To develop the reading habit and appreciate the beauty of written work, we started out with the idea of a “Book club.”

It is quite well said “There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book” – Frank Serafini.

So far, you all have read multiple books and have raised your bar and interest in reading. You have also shown some creativity while presenting your book reviews. You all reflective communicators need to now celebrate this reading journey in the form of a “Mega Presentation” which will be starting from the 18th of February.  You may choose to give a review of any book you have read so far during your Grade 6 journey, but the same has to be done in the most creative manner possible. Kindly refer to the criteria mentioned in your book review booklet and prepare your enthusiastic confident presentation keeping those criteria in mind. 

This culmination of “ Book club ” should make noise and motivate all non-readers to at least taste the books resulting in choosing a few for themselves. It is time to take all the spectators on a journey. Looking forward to a great presentation.

Read, Review, Represent!!