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Evaluating Information 2

Evaluating Information 2

Dear All

Kindly fill up this form at the earliest. This is the home assignment for the topic learnt during the unit on ‘Digital Media.’ Also note that it is essential for everyone to fill up this form. You may also view the same and many other resources, from this site.     For any doubts for queries, feel free to ask me.

Thank you note

Thank you note

Dear All

Grade 5 team, would like to thank all the parents who have attended the session on ‘Digital Sensitization.’

Thank you for coming to the session on ‘Digital Sensitization.’

We sincerely acknowledge your efforts and active participation

Our content delivery would have no meaning

If you would not have realized this association.

We do not intend to debate on the usage of technology

No demarcation, No philosophy

Just a concern to use the devices, gadgets wisely,

Not just by children, but also by YOU precisely.

Happy Digital Parenting 🙂

Evaluating Information

Evaluating Information

Dear students

Find below the google form relating to ‘Evaluating Information sources.’ You are required to watch the video and answer a few questions.

Consider this task as a quick revision of the information you gathered during the unit on ‘How we organize ourselves.’ You may also take this as an opportunity to know more about the topic learned in this unit. I hope you will complete this task at the earliest.

In addition, let me state that we have come up with our own website for students and parents. This is the LINK. The purpose of this site is to help you all with the resources we use for our teaching and learning in the class. It will also provide you with the yearlong goal for this academic year (in concise). All in all I can say,  a platform to be clear and surer with the resources students are using in their class and how parents can support them towards achieving their grade level goals.

In case of any queries or clarifications, please feel free to email me the details. Looking forward to a great support and cooperation. 

A session on ‘Digital Sensitization’

A session on ‘Digital Sensitization’

Dear Parents

The Grade 5 team is super excited and is all ready for the first ever session on ‘Digital Sensitization’ which is scheduled on 17th Sept.,2016.

This session will be held in two batches – 4 sections at a time due to parking constraint. Please make a note that your attendance is compulsory. Also note that, students are NOT required to accompany their parents for this session.

As there are other major events happening in the school at the same time, there is a slight change in the timings. Find below the details and make a note of it.

Batch 1 – 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Section – Synergy, Consortium, Alliance and Conglomerate.

Venue – Individual section – class

Batch 2 –  10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Section – Coalition, Collaboration, Symbiosis and Reciprocity.

Venue – Individual section – class

A session on ‘Digital Sensitization’

A session on ‘Digital Sensitization’

Dear Parent,

The Grade 5 Team is pleased to announce an informative and interactive session for the parents and students, sensitizing on the use of the internet in this digital world.

This session is schedule on 17th Sept., 2016 and it is focusing on our unit on Digital media,’ under the TDT – How we organize ourselves.

This session will be held in two batches – 4 sections at a time due to parking constraint. Please make a note that your attendance is compulsory.

Kindly fill up this form by 2nd Sept., 2016.

‘No Screen Day’

‘No Screen Day’

Dear All

This is to formally announce that Grade 5 and 6 have booked every Monday as a ‘No Screen Day’ for students. This clearly states that students are not suppose to use their chromebook or any device for neither education nor for any entertainment purpose. They are required to leave their chromebook in school for this day.

Therefore, every Monday, they will avoid watching television or any device that requires screen exposure.The intention behind this idea is to help students to switch off their devices/gadgets for at least one day a week. Kindly note that – Breaking away from a screen for a day should not be considered as a punishment, instead an opportunity to mingle and increase our face time with our friends and family. Also, an opportunity to spend some time in the library reading and referring to various books and dictionaries. Students may still want to consider visiting some nearby schools for the community service.

We would highly appreciate parents’ support and willingness to promote this idea. We request your support in this cause as we have realized that the children of this age should understand the importance of other activities in comparison to using the digital devices.

To re-emphasize, few details to take care for No Screen Day:-

  • Students have to come with their Chrome Books on every Monday which will remain at school and will be given back to them the next day.
  • Parents have to ensure that the students don’t get access to any other device at home, including mobile phones, I-pad, television, etc on Monday.
  • During long weekend holidays, parents have to ensure that the children don’t use the devices on Mondays.


Day 4 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Day 4 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Thursday, 5th August 2016.

Day 4 – Arts Encounter

Amidst a lot of fidgeting, nervousness, and jitters, we began our day. Our gracious guides were prepared with all the resources and their ‘To Do List.’ We must say, preparedness to rock the show. Immediately, we started to work on our assigned tasks, followed by a quick break, and ready for the session with Mr. Utkarsh Mazumdar.

Wow! What a pleasant meeting,  amazing interaction, and amusing ideas for a ready take away. We all had a great time with sir. The most we appreciated is his jovial nature. He is a good teacher and a great artist.

After lunch, we all continued with our work and after some time bid everyone a goodbye, wishing them to showcase their best talents and efforts.


Day 3 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Day 3 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Thursday, 4th August 2016.

Day 3 – Artist Interaction 1

Hello! We are back again, but this time, with a super enthusiasm and greed to know more about today’s session. As we unpacked our bags and settled with our belongings, we realized that we have nothing to talk about, except ‘Junoon.’ Just imagine, we don’t know what we are going to do in our respective roles, no idea about theme or setting for the event, but still super excited for this Show! Isn’t it just lovely? Hey! Is this ‘Junoon’?

Our dear Gracious Guides rolled out the schedule of the day. Even though we were still suspicious, we decided not to ask questions to them.

We took our breakfast and all the magic makers along with our gracious guides went to the session. The session remained engaged as Ms. Sampurna Chattarji, with her rich experience and fantastic literature, began reciting a lot of excellent and well written poems. We all were astonished by her speech and dialogue with some of our friends. She talked about her inclination towards writing and answered several questions asked by the students. We got good insight from her session, as some of our friends were able to explore a wonderland of poems.

That was not all, as after a short break, we were with our very favourite and dear friends Mr.Ishaan and Ms Debashree. They are simply so sweet and good people. They loved interacting with us, taught us to become props, enjoyed with us; at some point, even scolded us; nevertheless, they are our all time favourite artists. The session and interaction with them remained the most interesting section of ‘Junoon.’ We all wish, if they can stay here or visit us again and again.

Hey! It seems we are becoming too personal. Anyways, Let’s get back to our business. Hmm! Now it appears things are fine, as we are now aware of the theme to work on; space to perform; and story to build on. Cool! But it is a great deal of work. We realized that without synergy, or knowing each other’s perspective, it is going to be hard.

Hey! But we kids are kids, right? In our extreme excitement we all created a chaos in the room. Our gracious guides stepped in the situation and as usual handled all of us very comfortably. And the day ended with some ideas and thoughts to build on.



Day 2 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Day 2 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016.

DAY 2 – Stage Encounter

We started the day with a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity to meet Ms. Shaili Sathyu, who is the director of ‘Kyun Kyun Ladki.’  Our Gracious Guides built a lot of excitement about the session beforehand. We were left awestruck with the thought of meeting her; and listed down a lot of questions to know about the play and artistic’ journey.

However, we had no idea about the session as to how will it look like; whether we’ll get a chance to ask questions or not? Will the artists be approachable? Will they answer all our questions? In fact, with all such sorts of wondering, we decided to hold on to all our questions till we get to interact with the awesome and talented artists.

Hurray! Our kind and generous, Gracious Guides gave us the signal to move on to the venue for the grand session with Ms. Shaili Sathyu and her team.

As we reached, we could feel a generous and kind aura in the room. All the artists present in the room, gave a sweet smile  and a warm welcome. We were at ease by this time, as we were sure that we are going to get all the answers to our questions.

Ms.Shaili and her team along with our kind Gracious Guides managed the place very well. Let me tell you here, we students at times get really over excited and forget all our mannerisms.

Hey! Nevertheless, at every single point our Gracious Guides reminded us to stay calm and quiet in most of the situations, during the session.

We had a lovely interactive round with the artists and got to know about how can we use our own body to create different props. That was very interesting and we collected a lot of good and innovative ideas too. Well! But the day did not end here! Before we could call off a day, our Gracious Guides did not reveal the suspense to us; to be more precise, they did not tell us as to what is expected out of us or what are we going to perform on the D-Day.

And then we had to say…..



Day 1 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Day 1 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Tuesday, 2nd August 2016.

Day 1 – Trip to theater

The Junoon Arts at School Project is currently underway @ Fountainhead School. It is an intensive immersion in arts for grade 3-4-5. The idea of this project is to develop an appreciation for the arts (theater in particular), the creative process and artistic journey.

Students have been given an innovatively designed passport which has various stops in their journey. Day 1 was “trip to theater”

Students were taken to a Sanjeev Kumar auditorium to watch the play “Kyun Kyun Ladki” based on a story by Mahasweta Devi. Students were given an opportunity to ask questions about the play and the performances after the play.

The play showcased beautifully how without props too and by just using their body, actors can adapt to any role. The actors in the play only used their bodies to depict animals like fishes, cows, goats, snakes and everyday objects like  a water pump, a hookah etc.

Another learning experience for our students through this process was how to behave like a respectful audience like to sit silently and  watch a live performance for 90 minutes. A huge challenging task for them, which some struggled with and some executed successfully.

All in all, a day well spent!