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Grade 4 Courage: PTC Slots for 25th April 2018

Grade 4 Courage: PTC Slots for 25th April 2018

Dear Parents,

Following is the schedule for the Final PTC on 25th April, for the Academic year 2017-18:

Slots Start Time End Time Slot Duration Student Name
1 7:30 7:45 0:15 Raghav Dalmia
2 7:50 8:05 0:15 Jiah Ranka
3 8:10 8:25 0:15 Yomika Kheni
Break 8:25 8:40 0:15 BREAK
4 8:50 9:05 0:15 Dharma Patel
5 9:10 9:25 0:15 Ananya Karwa
6 9:30 9:45 0:15 Hemanshi Dayaramani
7 9:50 10:05 0:15 Tanvi Pagaria
8 10:10 10:25 0:15 Falak Khivesara
9 10:30 10:45 0:15 Aarvv Jain
10 10:50 11:05 0:15 Dharmik Jariwala
11 11:10 11:25 0:15 Dharm Patel
12 11:30 11:45 0:15 Dhruvin Savalia
13 11:50 12:05 0:15 Shreyan Bhasin
Lunch 12:05 12:30 0:25  LUNCH
14 12:30 12:45 0:15 Aashi Sinha
15 12:50 13:05 0:15 Shaurrya Singhvi
16 13:10 13:25 0:15 Sia Davariya
17 13:30 13:45 0:15 Dheer Gandhi
18 13:50 14:05 0:15 Kaarya Italiya
19 14:10 14:25 0:15 Karnak Gabani

Kindly be on time and adhere to the time slot allotted to you.



Ritu Saini

Homework for 20th April 2018

Homework for 20th April 2018

Dear Parents,

Sending across Grade portfolio, Summer reading program manual and summer homework today with your ward.
1-Kindly sign the complete summer homework before your child submits to his/ her GR 5- Home Room Teacher.
2- You are expected to carry portfolio containing the evidence during the PTC on 25th April if you would like to discuss the reports.



Fill in the missing words and complete the story in a Word Document. (Practicing for the chrome book next year, work on the speed as well)

2- synonyms-for-happy


Students have to carry board games on Monday.


Have a great weekend 🙂

Homework for 5th April 2018

Homework for 5th April 2018


Do as directed:

A) Construct an angle with the following measures:

1) 25′                               2) 60′                                 3) 90′                       4) 165′

B) Word Problems:-

Mohini likes to save money every now and then so that she has money to buy the things that she wants.

  1. One day, she decided to count her savings. She opened her piggy bank and sorted out the different coins and Rupee notes. If she counted a total of 2000 paisa (a rupee is equivalent to 100 paise), what is the total value of money, does she have in rupees? 
  2. She also found out that she has 10 notes of 5 rupees. What is the total value of money does she have in 5 rupees? 


Rustam is very fond of tall structures. He likes collecting pictures and comparing them.

  1. Two of his favorite buildings are Qutub Minar and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. If Burj Khalifa stands at 830 meters high and Qutub Minar stands at 73 meters high, how much higher is Burj Khalifa than Qutub Minar? 
  2. Rustam also compared the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower. What is the height difference between the two if the Empire State Building is 443m tall and the Eiffel Towers is 300m tall? 


Have a great day 🙂

Vaganza: Celebration of learning

Vaganza: Celebration of learning

Dear Parents,

We would like you to grace us with your presence for the celebration of learning of your ward for the year 2017-18.

Here’s the invitation link prepared specially for you by students

We are hopeful that our seats will be filled up with appreciating and motivating parents who look forward to honoring their child’s efforts!


The timing and venue for the performance are as below:

Date: 22nd March 2018 (Thursday)

Time: 8:00 to 9:30 am

Venue: Y-box, block 4, Fountainhead school, Surat

Please be on time as the show will start at sharp 8:00 am, we await your presence!



Ritu Saini