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Today’s Homework- 10\10\17

Today’s Homework- 10\10\17

Solve the following sums in your note book:

1. 503 + 336 =_______

2. 661 + 237 =_______

Solve the following addition word problems in your Math notebook:

1. Shiv has 244 red marbles and Om has 110 blue marbles. How many marbles do they have altogether?

2.In an aquarium there are 487 pink fish and 312 blue fish. How many total fish are there in the aquarium altogether?

3. 716 birds were sitting on the fence. 22 birds joined them. What is the total number of birds sitting on the fence?

Note- Do not copy the questions.


Grade 1 Team 🙂

Glimpse of Story telling event

Glimpse of Story telling event

The students of Grade 1 Peace very enthusiastically participated in the story telling event. The students enhanced their communication skills during this event. I appreciate all my students and their parents for all the efforts they put in for the event. Great Job done.


Roma Bhesania 🙂

Today’s Homework- 3rd Oct.

Today’s Homework- 3rd Oct.

Do the following tasks in your math notebook:

Task 1: Addition (Vertical format)


T  O

1  4  addend

+ 1  2  addend

    2  6  Sum/ Total

  • 57 + 12
  • 74 + 21.

Task 2: Word problems

1. Cap seller was selling 38 black caps and 11 red caps. How many total caps did he sell?

2. Rita ate 54 chocolates and Raman ate 31 chocolates. What is the sum of the chocolates they ate?


Grade 1 Team 🙂

Highlights of 25th Sept. to 29th Sept.

Highlights of 25th Sept. to 29th Sept.


The unit under the Trans-disciplinary theme ‘Sharing the Planet’ is going on. The students have understood the concept of  “Waste management” and the impact of our choices on the environment.

The students went for a field trip to understand how the waste is collected and segregated.  They also understood the concept of ‘Recycling’.

  • Read aloud related to the unit was conducted in the class.
  • Students learned to organize their thoughts using a flow chart.


  • Chapter 2 & 3 – “Hungry Chaturkumar” & “Chaturkumar turns blue” were taken up from the Reader Nine Hats.
  • Students learned to elaborate the sentence by adding various details to it. (adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc)


  • Data Handling was done. Learners formulated questions, collected, recorded and organized the data.
  • Teacher introduced “Ten frames” to students. One of the way to do mental addition.
  • The students were introduced to commutative property of addition.
  • The students were given the addition vocabulary like addend, sum, total and plus.

Literary event – Storytelling was conducted in the class.



Task 1. Complete the ten frame worksheet given to you.

Task 2. Write addition facts of 8, 9, 10 in your math notebook.

Task 3. Solve the following sums in your math notebook. (using vertical format)

  • 15 + 4 =
  • 62 + 6 =
  • 53 + 5 =
  • 27 + 2 =
  • 60 + 7 =


Complete the following tasks.

Task – 1) Frame a sentence using the words given below in your language notebook.

  1.  know
  2. around
  3.  because
  4. also

Task -2)  Elaborate the sentence on ‘My toy’ in your language notebook.

Task – 3) Do the below mentioned task in Language with Ease book.

1) Parse and punctuate the sentence given on page 35 (Week 7 Day 5 )  from Language with Ease book.

2) Complete the weekend home task given on page 35 and 36 from Language with Ease book.

Task -4) Students need to read the story and poem given in the reading worksheet.

Note: We are sending the portfolio file along with students for your reference. Kindly submit the file back on 3rd October without fail.

Enjoy your holidays 🙂


Grade 1 Team 🙂

Homework of the day- 26th Sept.

Homework of the day- 26th Sept.

Solve the following in your Math notebook:

1. Write any 3 ways to make 9.

Example: 8+1 9, 2+7=9

2. Write any 3 ways to make 7.

Example: 6+1 =7, 0+7=7

3. Frame your own addition word story (2 digit + 1 digit) and solve the same.

Example: Ram was having 10 pencils. He bought 5 new pencils. How many pencils he has now?


1 0

+ 5

  1 5

Ans: Now Ram has 15 pencils.



Grade 1 Team 🙂