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Home work for the day _ 5th Feb

Home work for the day _ 5th Feb

Highlights : Increase and Decrease in percentage

Homework : Complete your research findings of the chosen topic and write responses in the UOI Notebook.

Math : Solve the following sums in your HW Notbook

1. By selling a chair for Rs.1440, a shopkeeper loses 10% . At what price did he buy it ?


3. Increase of 15% on 550
4. Decrease of 25% on 225

Digital Media: Draw a portrait of you with an adult , when would you /which situations will you ask for help, if needed online.

Compedium pieces : Kindly upload the pieces (if not finished ) on nucleus – Compendium. In case you have not tagged me in the upload , please edit the pieces again marking me as the person to be tagged.

Homework for the day _ 29th Jan

Homework for the day _ 29th Jan

Highlights :

UOI : Research on “World War 2” was done.

Math : Discussion and correction of SA Decimal was done .


UOI: Complete your detail research of all the three LOI on World war 2 in you UOI NB.

Compendium Comments have to be completed . Sharing the link for both Language and Math photo, for your reference. But do not upload the pieces until told to do so .

Language :


Math : Collect cuttings from newspaper, bills, Copies etc wherever you see the ” % ”  sign for tomorrow math session.

Star of Monday: Aashvi , Aarya

Star of the day :Tistha




Mixed Bag 24

Mixed Bag 24


Math SA of Decimal unit was taken.

UOI Fa for LOI 1 ,2 and 3 was taken.


Mixed Bag : Open the link and solve it in your Mixed Bag NB

Cycle 24

Reader : Complete the Interesting and Important of Chapter 10 done in class . Read chapter 11 and write “Interesting and Important” in the same sheet of Chapter 10.

Compendium Comment : Complete the language compendium comment in the same doc shared with you .(Finish your math comment if incomplete).

Photos will be shared once I approve all the comments.

Pending Book review for the month of Jan will be taken on Monday . Kindly bring your book and written Review along with you.

Fa books have been sent for signature.

Star of the Day : Reciprocity class (everyone finishing HW)


Homework for the day_ 24th Jan

Homework for the day_ 24th Jan

Highlights : Students revised decimal word problems .

ICT: Students practiced ICT tools .


Language : Read chapter 9 and write its ” Important vs Interesting” in an A4 sheet.

Math:Task 1:  Khan academy task has been given to you.

Task 2: Finish the compendium comments in the folder shared to you .

ICT: Complete the task assigned of the Boot-camp.


Star of Wednesday: Devansh

Star of the day : Dhyana


Homework for the day _22nd Jan

Homework for the day _22nd Jan

Highlights :

Math: Revision of all operations of decimal.

Uoi: Unpacking of LOI and ATL’s

Homework :

Redo of Mixed Bag Cycle 21 and Cycle 23

Redo of Ld- Fa

Students who have not completed the Uoi Hw given on Sunday will complete it and submit by tomorrow.

Math: Homework has been given through the Khan academy.

Remaining Book Review will be taken in the coming Circle Time . So kindly bring the books along.

Star of yesterday: Dhyana,Aashvi,Niyaiti, Aarya,(for being consistent wih their hw and Redos)

Star for the Day : Harsh,  (for actively participating in  in class)

Mixed Bag 23

Mixed Bag 23


Book Review was conducted for few students.

Uoi : Reasons for India Pakistan Partition was discussed

Homework : Mixed Bag

Cycle 23

UOI: Open the link and write only the answer in your UOI NB.

Students who are left with their book review , kindly finish it before the APY slot of the next cycle.

Star of the day : Suhani , Shrikritt

Homework for the day_17th Jan

Homework for the day_17th Jan

Highlights : Transferring meaning of  Division in Decimals

Life class: Conflict management strategy

Reader : Chapter 4 & 5


Book Review : Write a short review in the sheet for tomorrow’s review . Practice orally at home. Make sure its not retelling the entire story .

Language : Complete the task in the A4 sheet .


Choose a word from the list to complete each sentence. Rewrite the complete sentence in the sheet.

Obscenely  ,Florence   ,Handkerchief   , Reflecting  ,  Shoulder  ,  Crumbs  ,  Music  ,  Shoulder  ,  Gertrude


  1. It is true. Despereaux’s eyes should not have been open. But they were. He was staring at the sun _____________ off his mother’s mirror.
  2. He’s the smallest mouse I’ve ever seen,” said his Aunt ____________. “It’s ridiculous.”
  3. He was ridiculously small. His ears were ____________ large.
  4. “Son!” barked Despereaux’s father. “Snap to it. Get your head out of the clouds and hunt for ___________.”
  5. “Look over your _____________ all the time, first to the right, then to the left.”
  6. Despereaux looked down at the book, and something ___________ happened. The marks on the pages, the squiggles as Merlot referred to them, arranged themselves into shapes.
  7. He shivered. He sneezed. He blew his nose into his _______________.
  8. He stuck his left ear out of the hole in the wall so that he could hear the ________ better, and then he stuck his right ear out so that he could hear better still.

Redo the Connection to self and Connection to world for chapter 2 (only for specific students)

Do not write any comments today for compendium piece today.

Math :

1. Rakesh bought 2.3 kg of  oatmeal cookies. The weight of one cookie was .25 kg . How many cookies did he buy ?
2. Neena bought 6 metal balls. Each ball weighed 1.78 gm. How much total ball weigh?
3. Rick’s car gets 29.7 km per liter on the highway. If his fuel tank holds 10.45 liter , then how far can he travel on one full tank of gas?

4.Paul will pay for his new car in 36 monthly payments. If his car loan is Rs 35508.6 then how much will Paul pay each month?

FA has to be signed by parent and submitted back in school by tomorrow.

Star of yesterday : Niyati , Yomika , Sumit

Star of the day : Harsh, Aarav , Dhyana


Homework for the day_ 15th Jan

Homework for the day_ 15th Jan

Highlights : Constructing meaning of Division was revised.

Uoi: India pakistan case study was taken.

Fa of Math was conducted

Language:Reader chapter 2 and 3 was explained along with the comprehension strategy.



Read the article and answer the following question:-

Q1) Who laid out the terms and the details of the partition between the Hindu India and the Muslim Pakistan?
Q2) What was the importatnt event at midnight on August 14, 1947?
Q3) What were the effects of partition?
Q4)What according to you could have been the reason for India Pakistan partition?


Read chapter 2 and using the strategy Text to World and Text to self  -Identify and write in your NB Connection to self and connection to the world.

Book Review – Keep reading as you have book club on Day 2 i.e 18th Jan

Star of the Day : Aashvi, Preyasi,Yomika,Tishtha, Dhyana

Mixed Bag 22

Mixed Bag 22

Highlights: Constructing meaning of Decimal Division was done.

Prior knowledge of the Conflict unit was taken.


Math: Illustrate the following on the Graph sheet.

  1.  2 /1.2
  2.  2.8/1.4
  3.  3/0.6

Mixed Bag : Language and Math MB has been shared with all of you through your gmail.

UOI: Talk to any two adults about what different ‘Conflict’ they have come across  in their lives . Identify the reasons and effects of those conflicts. Also understand how did they resolve their conflict.

You can chose to take a video recording and record their response in the sheet or Simply record their responses in a Graphic organizer of your choice.

Star of the Day : Dhyana and Harshal

Book Review: Continue reading the book chosen for your Book Review.



Homework for the day_ 10th Jan

Homework for the day_ 10th Jan

Highlights : Tuning in activity for the new unit was done.

Math: Decimal multiplication word problems was practiced.

Homework :

Math : Solve the following worksheet in your Note book.

Math Hw (6)

UOI: Look into the newspaper,Magazine, surrounding etc. Find a conflict and its reason. Bring the cutout/ photo /printout to school so that we can put it up in our conflict wall.

Star of the Day: Harsh

Book Review is on 18th Jan . Hence be regular with your reading.