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Highlights of Visual Art – Grade 4 Colour Theory

Highlights of Visual Art – Grade 4 Colour Theory

Learning Experiences (consider learning style
Colour theory:-

  • Students made different shades using only primary colors.
  • Students made a color wheel (Primary, secondary and tertiary colors).
  • Students made tints and shades of different colors.
  • Students understood and made different color schemes (monochromatic, cool & warm, contrast, polychromatic).
  • Students made geometrical designs and used all colors schemes in it.

Learning engagements:


  • Form (To make learner understand what color wheel is? And why is it called so?)
  • Change (To make the learner understand the change in different colour scheme)

Learner profile:

  • Knowledgeable (To give learner knowledge about colors’ and to understand what prior knowledge they have about colors’)
  • Thinker (to make learners think differently and creatively)


  • Enthusiasm(To make learner enjoy learning)
  • Creativity (How students creatively represent their design along with color schemes)


  • Thinking (To make the learner think and act on their actions.)
  • Application(Improving quality of work through application)










‘Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in’ -Amy Lowell

 Inter-house Drawing Competition

We had organised an Inter-house drawing competition on18th July. More than 250 students enthusiastically participated in it. The categories of the competition were Grades 1 to 3, 4 to 6 and 7 to 9. It was a creative marathon and students were busy expressing their creativity. The Panel of Judges was composed of art experts. The panel was given the complete authority and their decision was considered final.

“Congratulations”  to all winners:
Grade 1-3

  1. Vanshika Modi – Grade 3 Inspire – Integrity
  2. Kadam Jain – Grade 2 Dream – Liberty
  3. Hriday Deputy – Grade 2 Dream – Unity

 Grade 4-6

  1.  Suhani Shah  -Grade 6 Progress – Liberty
  2. Dhwani Balar – Grade 6 Evolve – Dignity
  3. Ira Chokhawala  -Grade 4 Fortitude – Liberty

 Grade 7-9

  1. Naomi Gajjar  -Grade 8 Zest – Unity
  2. Khushali Chaliawala – Grade 8 Verve – Unity
  3. Khushi Mehta  -Grade 7 Idea – Liberty



Highlights of Visual Arts, Grade 2 – Object study

Highlights of Visual Arts, Grade 2 – Object study

Learning Experiences
  •  Learners were taken for a gallery walk to observe 2D and 3D objects around us and then were asked to write the difference between them in H-chart.
  • Learners drew all the 3D objects with the help of 3D shapes and render them with pencil.
  • Learners  related the 3D shapes with real life objects and drew them (rendered with color).
  • Live objects were displayed and the learners were instructed to carefully observe and draw the object. They were also asked to color and shade their illustration.
  • Students made paper Mache.






Concepts Form, Perspective  and Change.
Learner profile Balanced , Reflective and Thinker.
Attitudes Confidence ,Independence and Creativity
Skills Observation and Application.